has been announced As the BMW M8 Gran coupe, we wondered, what is the purpose to have this model variant, actually. But well, the Gran coupe are Yes in Munich is almost as sacred, as in India, the cows. In addition, the BMWler need to buy in particular, such opponents such as the Porsche Panamera Turbo or Audi RS7 the cutting.

BMW M8 against Panamera and Audi RS7

we Look at the same time, the most important difference to the BMW M8 coupe: the two rear doors. The door swings wide, and even Boarding requires a badge is not a performance turn. The legs have enough space – the wheelbase of 3.03 meters, thanks to be – but the head is from a body height of 1.85 meters is damn close and at the bottom of the wave, the fun stops very quickly. press-inform / BMW In the curves, the Munich-based powerhouse can quickly

move we take there’s a place where you can hear a BMW M should be: left front, behind the steering Wheel. The seats look with the huge cheeks is not only inviting, but fix the pilots on the curve-tango and also for longer trips excellent. The handle on the Valance we guessed Bad: The steering wheel rim is no longer just a sausage and white thick but has – especially in the “three-quarters of Three-position” almost the size of a Lyon ring. However, only a few minutes later, the hands give the all-clear. Fits. So up on the buttons. 462 HP and Mini-fuel consumption – is that possible? Porsche’s Hybrid racer in the Test FOCUS Online/Wochit 462 HP and Mini-fuel consumption – is that possible? Porsche’s Hybrid racer in the Test

625 HP up to operating temperature

Bollernd from the M5-known eight-cylinder comes to life, accompanied by the message in the 12.3-inch Cockpit Display, that the “full drive power to be available soon”. This is because the exhaust gas cleaning components need to reach operating temperature, which is at 465 kW / 625 HP, the Competition variant, not a big leg break and also after less than a Minute done. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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The Cockpit makes the eyes of every Playstation Fans lights. Because you can make the blue-and-white missile on a whim sharper. Starting with the driving assistant, to brake and the all-wheel drive, the it even in the pure rear-wheel drive configuration is. Since the heart of the M laughs, but traditionalists. Also in the Gran coupe, the M-Mode button, which is celebrated in the M8 coupe its Premiere can be found. It defines the hunting area of the fast Bavaria: street, Sport or track. Basically, the assistance systems are activated or switched off, wherein in the Track mode, the infotainment screen is black. The next button below is for the fine tuning of shock absorbers, steering, brake, wheel and Motor. On the gear selector lever you can also adjust the shift characteristics. press-inform / BMW As a BMW should look: interior with a rotary push plate, especially during the travel helpful

So much for the theory or the possibilities. After a few kilometres, it becomes clear. In Comfort mode, the M8 Gran coupe is to the best of its possibilities the Asphalt Gentleman, but is already here circles around most other vehicles. “In the development of this car, the focus was on the symbiosis between comfort and sportiness”, granted by project Manager Christian Müller insight into the load folder.

the M8

runs The task may be considered to be met. The front of the car jumps when you turn formally into the curve and coming out of this like it is on rails. “We have at the front the stiffness of the car increased greatly and the connection to the chassis is optimized,” explains Christian Müller. Only quickly rushed to curves with small radii, the Munich-based can’t hide its weight is 1980 kilograms, but quite and pushes the Front to the outside. If you drive to victory, selects Sport or Sport Plus. Then, the engine is still greedy on the throttle and the rear wheel sometimes when accelerating Out slightly twitching. In the case of the steering, the BMW technicians, the restoring force-screw in the Sport setting a little less tight than was in the case of the M versions of the X3 and X4 of the case, which makes Travel much more pleasant. With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo Car in FOCUS With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo Car

he Who is not with the knife between the teeth on the go, the Comfort setting is more than enough, because here you can feel how it is to the traction ordered and 5.01 meters long, the Gran coupe can target exactly by the curve circles. No matter what the configuration – the BMW M8 Competition is doing on country roads a lot of fun, and surpasses the already quite agile tamer brothers the 8 series in all areas. “The M8 Gran coupe Competition is a rear-wheel drive with maximum traction,” says product Manager Steffen Leppert and plays on the fact that the all-wheel drive tugs just in case of an emergency on the front axle. What works smooth and well.

a Maximum of 305 km/h inside

The performance is, anyway, without: In 3.2 seconds, the speedometer needle flies to 100 km/h display and the M-athletes-free switching of up to 305 km/h. This 10.7 l/100 km flow in a section through the eight combustion chambers. press-inform / BMW, The BMW M8 Competition Gran coupe is already at the dealer

When it comes to Infotainment, this M BMW offers-well-Known. And that is, in the case of BMW, is for the best. As far as the intuitiveness of the operation, with games, the Munich close to the top. Also, the voice control works really well, but we want to here is a lance for the good old rotary push button, which proves to be just in operation during the travel as helpful. Only the sickle-shaped instruments to everyone’s taste are not, just as little as the price of at least EUR 165,000.

type BMW M8 Gran coupe Competition engine V8 Biturbo gasoline engine displacement (cm3) 4395 power in HP (KW) at rpm 1 625 (460) at 6000 Max. Torque (Nm) bei Umin-1 750 Nm at 1800 R/min High
speed (km/h)
305 acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.) 3,2 transmission 8-speed Steptronic drive AWD Fuel type Super Plus consumption-EU-Drittelmix (l/100 km) 10,7 CO2-emissions (g/km) 244 length (mm) 5098 width (mm) 1943 height (mm) 1420 weight manufacturer
specifying (kg)
1980 max. Payload (kg) 460 price (euros) 165.000,00 € emission standard Euro-6 d temp