The Belgian potato sector is groaning under the coronacrisis. Belgium is the world champion in the export of diepvriesaardappelen, but that output will fall abruptly in return. Also, for the sale of the potato products at the grocery store is descending. The diepvriesmagazijnen usually chock-full, French fries, and a lot of plants are almost completely silent. The potato farmers are threatening the 200-million-euro income losses, The period of Time, and in The Future.

now, The crisis affects the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the potato-processing company. The potato farmers will be according to the sector federation Belgapom is estimated to be 1 million metric tons of potatoes unmarketable to.

The exports account for 90 per cent of the Belgian diepvriesfrietenverkoop and exports have collapsed due to the coronacrisis. The hospitality sector remains in a lot of places in the world to be closed and major sporting events, and festivals, which are to be welded, to explain why a significantly less fried and eaten. For the processors, as Clarebout Potatoes, Agristo and McCain, there is a risk by the year 2020 verliesjaar-to-be.

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