Recently separated, Mathieu is discovering these days the joys of singleness and his encounters, each more unpredictable (confusing?) than the last. Interview with a fifty-year-old who is as colorful as he is mixed, who no longer knows exactly which way to dance.

Sitting in a café in the northern suburbs, the tall brunette with brown eyes doesn’t hide it: “It’s a bit of an outlet to talk about it! », he says, bursting out with a big infectious laugh, which will not leave him during the interview.

Extroverted, joking, with obvious interpersonal skills, you have no idea when meeting him that his testimony will be so entertaining. He’s probably putting in a little too much, but it’s fair game, because in a short time, our man has actually seen all the colors.

Let’s start with the beginning. Mathieu got his first girlfriend at a young age, in secondary school. “We discovered everything together. And it’s very rare. We were very much in love: Frenchs, breasts, fingers, cunnilingus, ending with coitus! But that took us a few years to get there! » New burst of laughter.

He made a few friends at CEGEP, then at university, before experiencing his first “passion”, right for the new millennium. “It was very wild,” he remembers. We had a very natural chemistry, it was a very greedy relationship. But that’s the thing, I’m often attracted to passionate, outgoing girls, but that’s too much. […] It often comes with a penchant for alcohol and drugs. […] It’s correct, but I have a straight path! », says our interlocutor laughing, slipping in here that he is an engineer. A bit of a wild engineer, he adds with a smile.

It was following this adventure that he met the mother of his children in early 2000. Their story lasted 20 years. “We met at work. I dipped my pen in the company’s ink,” he says, laughing harder.

In bed ? “Very well,” he replies, “all my partners, apart from the one-night stands, it’s never been a problem. Sexuality has always been a plus. »

Yes, even with the children, the years, the routine, he assures. “I am a good epicurean, I never tire of a woman, I have always found her beautiful and attractive. » And then at the time he avoided cocktails, happy hours and other “temptations”, as he says.

Still, their story eventually ends, for all kinds of other reasons. By mutual agreement, they separate. It was two years ago. Without transition, Mathieu continues: “And now, I’m hungry! “, he said in a solemn tone. “I’m free, single, ready for new flesh! »

Once shared custody is mastered, and even before registering on a dating application, he takes action. In a physical activity center, he spots a beautiful woman, leaves her a note as she leaves (yes, a note, on paper), and invites her to dinner. Madame the text that same evening, touched by such unusual attention.

“Except that at the restaurant, I realize that she is very enterprising,” he continues. Without warning, she asks him: “Okay, shall we go to your house? » Mathieu doesn’t hide it, he is “intimidated” here. And now, in no time, he finds her in her underwear on her bed. “But me,” he grimaces, “a one-night stand, I have a little trouble mechanically, you understand? » Now she adds: “I wouldn’t hate having a little coke between my breasts…! » New burst of laughter. “Well there! I do not have ! »

Quite a baptism, we agree.

This is because he then signs up on Tinder, and first has a “super cool” first meeting. Their adventure lasts a year, and undoubtedly arrives too quickly in its journey, because Mathieu is not ready to commit. “The first night, we French at the restaurant, then we dance at home in our underwear! A super nice evening! “, he said to himself in hindsight. Because not all of his first parties will be as successful.

Starting with the next one, with a woman introduced to him by one of his best friends. First meeting: in a bar in the Plateau. So far, so good. When it’s time to say goodbye, everything is even better: “Big French, before saying chao! It’s cool, it’s fun! » Mathieu feels it well. Then comes the second meeting, this time in a restaurant. “I tell myself I have to make a move, so I steal a kiss on the cheek. » Error: “You didn’t ask for my consent,” his date replies. “I thought it was a joke…” They never saw each other again, nor spoke again, nor even wrote again.

“I’m stunned,” he says, half-laughing, half-confident. I do not understand what is happening ! Girls have bad stories, get dick pics, etc. Me ? I’m smart, financially secure, why am I getting rejected? »

That’s not all. Mathieu is then introduced to a “seasoned professional” at a party. “Oh, that’s hot! She makes more money than me, I found that attractive. […] But once again, it’s the box of surprises,” he warns. At the end of the evening, the two are quite “hot”, Madame comes to Mathieu’s house. “Wo, it’s going fast, I’m hot, I’m not ready to get on the ride,” he says to himself, when Madame whispers in his ear: “I don’t hate it when it’s rough.. .”!

“Tsé: consent? », asks our interlocutor, who is not exactly a fan of the rough, with humor and a touch of sincerity.

“I have the impression that people are very firm in their positions,” he continues. Girls often have lists. » Lists of things they’re looking for? Yes, but not only that. “Mostly things they don’t want. »

He knows what he is talking about. The last meeting in the running, yet a big love at first sight, with whom Mathieu experienced the most “unbridled” nights of his life, a woman with whom he even went on a trip on a whim, has just left him in plan after a month. For what ? “You bought yourself a pack of cigarettes while traveling…” she replied.

He is speechless to this day. “It’s okay for women to be difficult,” he says, “except that often they’re difficult about the wrong things!” A guy who has a good heart, who is kind, even if he has his fingers in his nose, don’t judge him on that! », he said, as amused as he was disillusioned.