You don’t need to fly to a tropical island to relax from the stress of everyday life – at home, you can switch off and relax. To never have the frustrations of cancelled or postponed trips arise, you should plan in advance for days off at home, either alone or together with his family.

With these ideas, to the holiday atmosphere in your own apartment and both for children and Wellness Fans, as well as for sports lovers or culture enthusiasts, there’s something here.

basic rules for the holidays home

angry about the fact that you can’t go, brings nothing. Rather, you must start in a good mood and full of anticipation in the holidays. It’s all a question of attitude, some of the advantages of the holiday on the balcony also: You have to pack no bags, no stressful travel and save money for hotel cost, and other.

Laptop and Smartphone should largely remain off, or at least not constantly be used, otherwise you can not turn it off. And who lives with his Partner or family, should take advantage of the time together.

The apartment and the balcony decorating

Who would like to bring some jungle Flair to his apartment, placing houseplants in the living room, which can not only relax the atmosphere in the room, but also the air. Also the balcony is a lot more comfortable with a few plants, depending on the type it is in the home, properly tropical.

most of The flower shops and garden centers have closed, but many offer delivery or pick-up service. Please inform yourself directly at the garden center in your area.

candles and strings of lights make for an atmospheric decoration, especially in the evening hours, and look in the rooms or on the balcony beautiful. The more comfortable you will feel in a place, the better you can relax there – and for the holidays there are finally.

the Daily sports schedule

during the holidays, you have more time for sports, as in everyday life, which is why many people train in particular. At home the possible. There are numerous Workouts that require no equipment and online courses, Apps, and Tutorials are offered.

it is best to plan the Training day at the same time, for example, in the morning. Instead of building up muscles can also stretching exercises, simple Yoga or Pilates can be made according to your own needs and preferences. Sport keeps you fit and balances and also children often have Fun in the Exercises with their parents.

Exotic dishes to cook

he Who eats of roles, for example, like coconut Curry, Sushi or spring, can these dishes alone or with the family together, prepare fresh. Recipes for this are to be found in the Internet and can be modified according to your own taste.

card and Board games

For families or for two or more individuals, there are many Board and card games, which the holiday varied. For each age there is something Suitable. In particular, for children, this joint activity is important and prepares you a lot of pleasure.

arts and Crafts projects

The free time can also be used for Crafts used. Children love creative employment opportunities. It can be painted, for example maps, and with a love of the Text by Post to friends and relatives sent to be pasted.

for oil Painting, homemade Soaps, or, for example, to Knit the holidays are at home. All of the art projects, which, otherwise, is not the time, can now be implemented.

time for reading, Listening to music and Dreaming

In the holiday home, you finally relaxed to read, or to listen to new music. For adults and children, there are also Podcasts. The Nice thing about free time is that you have no Stress or time pressure: It may be sleep, had Breakfast, and it must be done nothing. On the bed, Sofa or balcony and dream – when do you get it yet?

picnic on the balcony

If the weather is nice and a balcony, garden or terrace to your flat, we can have a wonderful picnic. Savoury and sweet dishes are alike, just as it is with cold or warm drinks. So you get some sun and fresh air, while a little Tasty treat.

Spa at home

Hardly anything is more relaxing than to do it yourself with an extensive Wellness program, something Good: A bathroom, maybe a body scrub, hair treatment and facial mask, body lotion, and quiet music and scented candles. Also for manicure and pedicure, or massage time can be used.

This trip movies alleviate Wanderlust

To travel to far away not thinking at the Moment. In order to mitigate the Wanderlust, here are some movie tips.

how to plant vegetables and fruit on the balcony

Who doesn’t have a garden, you must not be without fresh vegetables and fruits from our own cultivation. On the balcony, numerous varieties you can cultivate. We show what is.

Creative ideas for the home

people of all ages to just stay as far as possible in their own four walls. Who would like to take the time at home useful and learn something New, find Inspiration for art projects. So the creativity is given room and the hours just fly by.