The consumer went to the store to go to, we can, by the coronamaatregelen unfortunately, for a while, not anymore. All the shops are closed. Those who have the garden on their hands wants to take a new book to read, or toys for the children to want to buy it, fortunately, have yet to go to the shop. A lot of great and not so great in Belgian shops will get to the bottom of the can to make the customers understand that we have a secure and safe way of operating, for example, through the delivery to the customer. Under the hashtag #kooplokaal we will give you a list of where you can still enjoy all of your purchases, and our economy to support it. Books, games, and sports

Now, sit down dinner with your friends, family, cafébezoeken and a night out on the town cinema, to the distant past, seem to belong to it, there is plenty of time for you to get lost in a good book .By default, Boekhandellevert your order free to your home and can be built as a 2+1-free deal on selected titles.

small booksellers to continue efforts to ensure that you do not have a literature of black to stand out. Think, for example, aanLetters & Coin in Deinze, where you can book by e-mail or call to order (includes free recommended for you!), and then pick up at an agreed time, or get home delivery.Theoriain Kortrijk, will also be available for order and delivery in the area. The same is true for the brand-new AntwerpseLuddites,Barboekin Leuven, enboekhandel Grimin Square.

Gamespecialist , the Game is Maniaheeft all of the offices are closed, but to let his fans around the world, of course, is not in the sample. In the shop it works normally.

if you prefer to be actively involved in the quarantine, strikes, and secured work in the shop of a.S. For sure. Delivery is free of charge.

are you looking for an equipment to make purchases now that you’re no longer in the gym the sweat you can work with? Take a look at the shop vanFitness Which you can turn your spare room into homegym.

we APPROVE Shoporganiseren we have a special “blijfinuwkot action, where you have books, dvds, and sports gear at a very reasonable price you can buy it.

The pick-up points, Delhaize Collection will be closed for home deliveries, it is possible, starting from a total amount of 60€).

grocery stores, cooking and restaurants

Belgian supermarket chains. Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar, Delhaize, Match and Smatch in order to remain in the coronatijden, of course, is open. However, account must be taken of the measures imposed by the government. Thus, shopping carts, and cash registers are regularly disinfected, the number of people in the stores are limited to 1 customer per 10m2, and you’ll get a maximum of half an hour to do some shopping. In some of the sites that can at peak times result in all the queues at the entrance.

if you Want to have the risk of infection to a minimum? You can order the products from the Colruyt group, or a Bio-Planet, viaCollect-you-Go. The big question is, is the number of afhaalmomenten at this point, though, is limited. Please dewebsitein an eye out for the up-to-date.

OokDelhaizebiedt the ability to make you’re going shopping online, do it. The pick-up points, Delhaize Collection will be closed for home deliveries, it is possible, starting from a fee of $ 60. Though a lot of levermomenten in view of the crowded spaces. Surf regularly to desiteom to check out.

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