A well-fitting pair of Jeans depending on the cut more or less closely. After some Wear, some of the models from lyres, unfortunately, at the knees, the back, or on the waist and not look so stylish as before. Thus, the garment is re-figure-hugging, there are some tips that are easy to implement. to buy

Instead of a new pair of Jeans, it is worthwhile, therefore, to the following methods a try. This not only saves money but also protects the environment, because for the production of such pants a lot of water and energy is needed.

in the freezer

cooled by the freezing of The Jeans over night, it can help that the fibres draw closer together. This Trick helps, but only if the pants are not even worn out too strong. Otherwise, it should rather be on the tips below to fall back.

bathing with Jeans

A perfect figure, custom Jeans, made by the pants in a warm bath, in which the temperature is still quite bearable. After about twenty minutes you can leave the tub, but should keep the Jeans until they dry. So it adapts itself to the Drying, ideal body shapes.


An effective way to shrink Denim, is to wash the Jeans in the washing machine to be aware of hot. For this purpose, the clothing should be turned piece from the inside to the outside, and a wash can be used from 60 degrees. A subsequent spin cycle reinforces the Together the fabric fibers to move. In this method, the entire pants is of course close, and not only the dilated Set, one must be aware of.

If the pants are not made of real Denim, with cotton, but of synthetic fibers, you should refrain from a hot wash. In the label, what is the Material of the pants.


use a Lot of denim fabrics can be dried in the dryer. In the label of the garment all the important information to care. The pants are not suitable for the dryer must not be applied to the tip, so the fibers are not destroyed.

in Order to make the Jeans tighter, should be set to the highest level of the dryer. As the hot wash the cotton fibres due to the heat, so that the entire pair of pants is smaller.

Close sewing

Who can handle a sewing machine, can sew waistband or pant legs of his Jeans tighter. It is important, before you make any of these with a plug – in or safety pins to stake out and try on, otherwise it may easily happen that the pants will be too tight.

If you have no sewing machine or do not correctly handle it, it’s worth it with a good pair of Jeans that is too far to go to a tailor.

these are the new denim Trends

Jeans are timeless and practical. They can be worn to any occasion. These cuts and colors are in demand this year.


don’t clean a Lot, wash your Jeans in the washing machine, it does well with the pants. So Denim is cleaned properly.