it Refers solely to the risk of Infection during Sex, so the answer to your question is clear. It is as follows: no. During Sex, it comes close, in fact, in such a way that one must necessarily expect a contagion.

Precisely because of this high risk of Infection, a Sexverbot for certain persons qualified but. If, in fact, a Couple of lives over a longer period of time in the same apartment, is an infection one way or the other almost guaranteed, because the necessary safety precautions in the life almost can not adhere to. Because people are already infectious when they show no symptoms. Those who focus now, therefore, outside the closest social circle, not to infect, is already responsible.

sexuality can be straight in this difficult time is a great resource. So, the master as a good and helps the crisis. It also strengthens the immune system and helps the body to stay fit. We know from the research that conscious touch promote the recovery and well-being increase.

That, in turn, means, however, that you can rap at home now just to have Sex, if one is just after that. Every person responds to Stress and the current Situation is different. And the partners have no sexual self-loading operation. While experiencing a Sex in this time as a great valve, it increases the pressure even more.

Like someone is just venting steam and the other one has no pleasure, then Masturbation is a good Alternative. If it is varied and curious, and his body remains, it is everything other than sexuality second class.

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