In the current economic situation, Moscow is trying to stay connected with the business. Consulting with businesses, the city is developing dozens of tools that should help to overcome the difficulties.

in Parallel, work is being done at the Federal level. The Russian government approves support measures for the most affected sectors of the economy, brings the announced reforms and introduces several types of moratoria. The system of measures to support the capital’s businesses and residents of the city today is comprised of 19 Federal and 49 of the Moscow financial instruments.

In may and June among small and medium entrepreneurs will pay for free at. The money you get business from the list of the most affected sectors, they can be spent for current expenses.

Announced a few, including maintaining working capital and save jobs. Extended the terms of loans at the rate of 8.5 percent and microcredit. In June plans to launch a credit program to support employment. To use it will be able businesses affected sectors and socially oriented non-profit organizations (NPOs). The loan amount will be calculated according to the formula: one minimum wage per employee per month for six months. Maturity April 1, 2021. Credits will be issued at the rate of two percent, and if the company will retain 90 percent of the state, the loan and interest is fully written off. If jobs will retain 80 per cent of staff, will write off half of the loan and interest.

Small and medium business of the affected sectors of the economy are entitled to receive. In addition, these enterprises have provided a reprieve for taxes and insurance payments for six months. Individual entrepreneurs, small companies and socially oriented NGOs proposed to exempt from such payments for the second quarter of 2020, with the exception of VAT. Individual entrepreneurs will be able to receive a tax deduction in the amount of one minimum wage in relation to insurance premiums.

Businesses of the affected industries also provide state, municipal and private property (except residential premises). Commercial real estate owners encouraged to reduce rents for businesses.

Until June, a moratorium on all on-site inspections of enterprises, including tax and customs. It is also forbidden to apply tax sanctions for failure to provide documents, the deadline of which falls on 1 March and 1 June 2020. Introduced new deadlines for discovery of documents in Federal tax service. In addition, it operates a six-month moratorium on bankruptcy for firms in the affected industries and backbone enterprises as well as the moratorium on fines for failing t��of homura vehicles.

self-employed citizens will be able to fully recover the income tax paid in 2019. They also plan to pay one minimum wage, through which you can repay the taxes.

Among the support measures: reduced requirements for government contracts, subsidies to banks for loans, the account of days off for tax purposes, reimbursement of costs the airlines restrictions on payments of dividends and others. They all gathered on a special page of the website of the Russian Government. Here is a detailed description of services, terms, links to documents and electronic services of specialized agencies.

Moscow will retain all previously existing incentives for capital business. Furthermore, in addition to the Federal extra has approved measures to support businesses affected by the pandemic. The city took them three packages, which were developed together with the business.

on March 24 approved the first package of support. The organization of the spheres of public catering, tourism, culture, sport, leisure and hospitality received. In addition, freed from the payment of municipal property lease for the second quarter of organizations were forced to stop work.

on March 31 in the second package, received a deferral of taxes and trading fees and are exempt from the rent for the second quarter. Introduced subsidies to small and medium enterprises, exporters and franchisees, as well as preferential loans for young companies.

the Third package of business support measures from April 15 to help developers, hotels, cinemas, additional education institutions, sanatoriums, social entrepreneurs and small business that reacquires rented from the property.

was introduced support measures for institutions which lease property from private shopping and office centers. The government of Moscow has freed property owners in the sphere of trade and services, catering and hospitality businesses from property tax and land payments, if they reduce the rent at least twice (and at least two times the amount compensated taxes). So while the city that take premises into hotels, offices and shops.

on March 5, 2020 to and including termination of alert entrepreneurs don’t need to pay the contracts for the exercise of commercial activities in non-stationary trading facilities located in the parks of culture and recreation, museums-estates, museums-reserves, the Moscow zoo and other similar institutions.

Directly anti-crisis measures have touched almost 35 thousand organizations, which employ more than 765 thousand employees. In addition, support is provided to almost 30 thousand health professionals and over 6.2 million residents in the framex measures of care. The total amount of business support is more than 85 billion rubles, about 110 billion rubles were allocated for social assistance and health care.

promotion on the marketplace

In the list of anti-crisis measures of the Government of Moscow has included new types of subsidies, including on. The business can reimburse up to 50 percent of the costs of the Commission charged by an aggregator for the placement of products.

the Conditions for granting subsidies adjusted, taking into account the wishes of entrepreneurs. Abolished the mandatory requirement for the aggregator on the Commission in the amount of not more than 20 percent of the cost of goods. The payout can reach 700 thousand rubles. The list of approved trading platforms for cooperation which the city provides subsidies, is constantly updated according to requests from the business. Now it’s 16 largest shopping sites and food delivery services.

Grants for hotels

Representatives of the hotel business can get for compensation of interest on loans for the support and development of activities or the purchase of equipment. With this you can offset up to 25 percent of the cost of leasing of foreign equipment and up to 35 percent of the cost of leasing or purchasing for its own account domestic equipment, as well as the purchase of foreign equipment at their own expense. The maximum payout amount — 10 million rubles.

Cashback exporters

Expanded package of support for Moscow exporters. To the list of expenses they can offset, added to those that are going to sell abroad not only goods but also services and intellectual property rights. Payment is subject to funds spent on adaptation of the products for its withdrawal to the international market. With the help of the grant can be offset up to 100 percent of the costs. It is still possible to reimburse the costs of obtaining patents, certification of products or management systems and transportation of goods abroad. The maximum payout to three million rubles.

in addition, Moscow was introduced, selling goods and services abroad in the amount of ten per cent of the export contract.

Payments engineering

among other things, expanded the list of recipients of subsidies for the engineering. Now to support eligible participants of the innovative cluster on the territory of Moscow, was a year before the filing of the application. Informed the valid period of registration of not less than three years.

the granting of subsidies to compensate for (not more than 50 million rubles). The equipment should be installed and operated in Moscow. Changed evaluation criteria applications for the grant. Preference when considering appeals tnow give small and medium-sized businesses.

subsidized loans

the Moscow Government has approved an expanded subsidy program for banks. Special terms will apply for loans for any purpose and for entrepreneurs of all fields of activity. The interest rate on the loan will be equal to six percent per annum. The rate for borrowers automatically reduce according to the statement.

the City also subsidizes up to eight percent of the rate under the new stabilization credits. These support measures will be in effect until the end of 2020. In the list of banks participating in the program included 11 of the largest credit institutions of Moscow.

Special subsidies approved for social entrepreneurs. They can pay interest on loans, utilities, the cost of leasing or purchase of equipment

— the compensation of interest on loans for the support and development activities or acquisition of foreign equipment are equal to the key rate of the Central Bank;

— the value of the payment of interest on loans for the purchase of domestic equipment — a five percent increase in the key rate of the Central Bank of the amount of interest paid;

— the subsidy for the lease or purchase equipment at their own expense — up to 35% when you work with domestic equipment, up to 25 percent — in foreign;

— the compensation of utility costs up to 70 percent of the costs incurred (payment is valid until the end of 2020).

the Maximum subsidy is one million rubles, but this amount may consist of payments on one or more types of costs. They can get the company included in the register of social enterprises in the capital. The application deadline for entry in this list has been extended.

Grants for franchise

According to the proposals of the business support package included grants for businesses that operate under franchise. Get them now can companies operating not only in franchising, but also on the conditions of sub. To qualify for support can now companies that have contracts registered in Rospatent within five years prior to the filing of the application (previously, the maximum registration period was 1.5 years).

In the list of reimbursable costs added: fixed one-time payments (lump sum contributions), and periodic (royalty) payments.

Thus, the franchisee today:

— to 10.5 percent of the amount of interest paid on loans (for interest paid from 1 January of the year preceding the year of application, before the expiration date of the credit agreement, but not more than three fiscal years);

— up to 35 percent for equipment leasing (for costs incurred from 1 January of the current year prior to the expiration of the lease, but not more than three fiscal years);

— up to 35 percent for the purchase of equipment at the expense of own funds (for expenditures incurred not earlier than 12 months prior to registration of the agreement in Rospatent);

— up to 50 percent of the lump-sum payment (for costs incurred not earlier than 12 months prior to registration of the agreement in Rospatent);

— up to 100 percent of the royalties (for the costs incurred from 1 January of the year preceding the year of application, before the expiry of the franchise agreement, but not more than three fiscal years);

up to 70 percent on utilities (for expenditure incurred from 1 January to 1 December of the current year).

a Maximum grant of one million rubles.

previously Approved grants

Only with the latest additions in Moscow now operates. Accepting applications to receive extended until June 1.

For prompt financial aid process of obtaining all subsidies faster and easier — sectoral Commission under the Department of entrepreneurship and Moscow innovation development gather every week to quickly review applications and make decisions on them.

in Addition to the listed in the capital continue to issue the following:

— aid. She can use the participants of the Moscow innovation cluster in the acquisition, construction, reconstruction or repair of the property, the purchase of equipment or the rights to results of intellectual property, implementation or maintenance of the software. Applicants for this type of financial support can receive up to 200 million rubles;

— aid. It allows you to offset the cost of registration fee, stand construction or rental of exhibition space to participate in events held in the period from 1 January 2019 to apply (previously this period was limited to 1 October 2019). Reimbursement will be made for the exhibition included in the approved list or have a UFI or RUEF. The maximum size of kesbeke — 350 thousand rubles for Russian events and 700 thousand rubles for the international. The amount of compensation may not exceed 50 percent of the costs incurred;

— aid. It covers all costs for the programs of secondary and additional professional education of employees representing more than 130 specialties and directions of the Russian classification of professions by education, approved by Ministry of science and higher education of Russia. The payout can reach 120 thousand rubles per person, up to 10 million rubles in total for the company. To compensate with this type of support can be up to 95 percent of the costs;

— grant (tsub). She predomtrivet the reimbursement of the costs of establishment and equipping of tsub, the acquisition and installation of equipment, payment of public utilities, provision of subsidized jobs for small and medium businesses.

Only support for small and medium enterprises of Moscow plans to allocate about 70 billion rubles. This amount includes about 14-15 billion rubles on credits already. A similar volume of means will be directed on subsidising the interest rates on the new stabilization loans. In providing financial assistance to entrepreneurs of current subsidies is planned to allocate about five to eight billion rubles.

in addition, the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business of Moscow continues to help entrepreneurs with. Allocated 10.5 billion rubles.

In Moscow on March 10 by the decision of Sergey Sobyanin created in which for entrepreneurs is the support center of Moscow’s economy. Through the website and hotline (+7 (495) 539-59-99, daily from 09:00 to 18:00), the centre received more than six thousand applications and proposals from representatives of the Moscow business. The main demands of the entrepreneurs is already reflected in the three support packages. This reduction in the tax burden, rent subsidies. From 15 may on the website of support center of Moscow’s economy earned an online service through which businesses and individuals can find out what city or Federal support measures available in each case.

Defined. The application filed by the owner of the shopping center with an area of over thousand square meters, will be considered by the Department of trade and services, applications from owners of other trade objects, public catering, consumer services — prefectures. Decisions on applications from the hotels will be taken by the Committee on tourism. Soon to be announced date for receipt of applications, approved the form and manner of their presentation. To obtain support for the abolition of lease payments for land and property owned by the city and receipt of delay rental payments to developers that changed the purpose of use of the land must apply to the Department of city property of Moscow. Automatically granted deferment for the purchase of city property, a delay of advance payments on corporate property tax and land tax.

to Apply for some grants since may 12, you online using websites and Entrepreneurs need to upload the documents on the website and assure them with a qualified electronic signature. So it is possible to issue grants to conduct the franchise business, promotion of goods on the marketplace, participation in exhibitions, engineering, payment services, delivery services ed��, as well as the development and purchase of equipment, including for hotels, secretriate and residents of technology parks.

For entrepreneurs in Moscow, launched the unified support line and a special Internet resource, where possible, the necessary documents and to request a consultation or receive payment. Telephone number call centre: +7 (499) 961-01-20 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00).

the Department of entrepreneurship and Moscow innovation development established a working group to develop anti-crisis measures. The meetings are held from April 8 to April online every week. In addition, established 25 industry sub-groups in which participants discuss specific anti-crisis instruments. Part of the proposals has already been the basis for the measures taken to support business.

On the website earned. He talks about existing measures of support and changes in the regulatory framework, on the project page, you can get expert advice, sign up for webinars on overcoming the crisis, to study the selection of online products for remote business and to get answers to most popular questions.

timely information on business support measures and changes in legislation are also published telegram-channels “Coronavirus. The economic headquarters of Moscow” (@COVID19_Econ), “Subsidies to the Moscow businessmen” (@subsidii_msk) and “Coronavirus: important for business” (@vmeste_mbm).

All previously launched educational projects for businesses today continue to operate in an online format. In addition, several telephone hotlines to advise entrepreneurs.

From March 16 to obtain advice on legal and financial questions by phone +7 (495) 276-24-17. Calls are now taken hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00, Friday — 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.