Anatoly Kovantsev: In biathlon, a whole generation brought up on doping, it is not easy to readjust

the Main coach of Russian national team on biathlon Anatoly Kovantsev head coach of the Russian biathlon Anatoly Hovance
Alexander Kruglov /

head coach of the Russian biathlon Anatoly Kovantsev, which is soon to be replaced by Valery Bolhovskogo, explained the reasons for the weak results of the Russian team.

According to experts, the current results of the clean athletes negatively affected by the negative doping past.

“the Federation and the coaches working now reaping the benefits of those years, when Russia had problems with doping. Big problem. A whole generation brought up on it. To regroup, to get back to your normal method is not easy and fast” – quoted Chovancova

According to the coach, in the moment, the situation in the national team is changing, but the results are still lower than they were earlier.

“the situation is gradually shifting – but the results are still lower than before. Of course we can say: before the athletes showed results, but not now. But on what show? Who of athletes who won medals, not involved in this case? Count on your fingers. It takes time to from boys to bring man to a high level – 4-5 years for this small,” added 70-year-old mentor.

Friday at a meeting of the Board of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) decided on the appointment of Valery Bolhovskogo for the post of chief coach of the national team of Russia on biathlon. His candidacy was decided to forward for approval to the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation.

In the previous two seasons, the Russian team was headed by Hovance. Last season, the Russian biathlonite not won a single victory at the world Cup, setting a record for the number of races without medals. At the same time, Alexander Loginov on the world Cup men’s team of the country the first in 12 years, gold in the individual competition.