Things are going better with migrants in Munich than in Berlin. Which is not only due to a different police culture and a different understanding of law and order. And: How the political left wants to make immigration problems taboo.

Migration proportion Berlin: 36.6 percent.

Munich share of migration: 45.1 percent.

Berlin: 56 injured emergency services.

Munich: 0.

This tweet by CSU young politician Alexander Rulischka is currently being celebrated on Twitter. It also includes his political conclusion from the numbers. It reads: “Has a lot to do with the behavior of the state. The internal politics of Red-Red-Green has clearly failed.” More on that at the end of the text.

Well – leading local SPD politicians also admit that some of the Left Greens in Berlin have their fundamental problems with the police, preferring to talk about “structural police violence” rather than violence against police officers. However, the problem on the political left with the – predominantly migrant – violence by predominantly young Muslim men against those wearing uniforms lies deeper.

The classification of the New Year’s Eve riots by the Chancellor’s Social Democratic Migration Commissioner Reem Albali-Radovan makes it clear what is at stake. Her interpretation contains the “framing” that is common in migrant political circles on the left.

Albali-Radovan warns against a “general suspicion of people with an immigrant background”. However, not even the CDU parliamentary group leader Jens Spahn expressed such a “general suspicion” when he pointed out the problems of “unregulated migration, failed integration and a lack of respect for the state”.

Albali-Radovan also warns against “stigmatizing” migrants and “dividing” society instead of fighting the “social causes of the problem”. The alleged “stigmatization” amounts to a ban on speaking for politicians and a ban on research for journalists – because allegedly “division” threatens, the downside of the promised immigration should not even be discussed.

And if problems do arise, they have “social causes” – as if there were no other causes. Those that lie in the origins of these young men who have gotten out of control.

Next in the social democratic integration narrative. “People aren’t violent because they have a history of integration,” says Neukölln SPD member of the Bundestag Hakan Demir. The son of a family who came to Germany as part of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement could know better.

Because behind the violence of Islamic young men is first of all a huge educational failure – the fathers, but especially the mothers. Those in affected families like to educate their daughters to do household chores and their sons to become the ruling family head. A dominating role, which some of them then want to live out violently against those wearing uniforms from the police, fire brigades and emergency doctors.

There are studies on this, such as that by the Dortmund pedagogy professor Ahmet Toprak, who is an Alevi, which can also be translated as “liberal” at this point.

Left-wing politicians in particular do not want to know anything about a failed integration, which CDU politicians talk about from local experience, such as Neukölln social councilor Falko Liedtke. An example of this is the Schleswig-Holstein integration minister, Aminata Touré, a Green. She expresses herself like this:

“Of course we can now have stupid meta-debates about integration for 18 weeks or we protect emergency services with a ban on firecrackers. How hard can it be to find such a simple solution to a clear problem?”

After a murderer stabbed his victim with an Ikea knife, does Ms Touré really think that banning the sale of knives at Ikea could be the solution? Apart from that: for an integration minister it is a remarkable statement to talk about “stupid meta-debates about integration”.

What the cause of it might be? Integration ministers like Ms. Touré are obviously not interested in disintegration as an unwelcome consequence of immigration, which the Greens fundamentally welcome.

Left-wing politicians like the Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, are now outraged and are demanding severe punishment for the perpetrators. But neither of these have worked so far – does anyone think that the Munich police, like their Berlin colleagues, would have let more than 100 marauders go after a few hours? The integrative social policy that the Social Democrats, Leftists and Greens invoke at every opportunity still works.

Social councilor Liedtke would do more for integration in his Neukölln – alone, his district does not get the necessary funds for children and youth work in the neighborhood from the state of Berlin. But that would be one of the few chances to free Muslim young people from the educational dominance of their parents.

An idea that, by the way, could not be more social democratic: This is how all-day kindergartens and all-day schools were founded in Germany. Namely with the goal of equal opportunities, which means that parents in precarious circumstances no longer raise their children, but state educators and teachers prepare them for an integrated life in German society with its German rules.

At the end of this text, back to Munich and Berlin. The fact that “zero” emergency services were injured in Munich and 56 in Berlin may not only have something to do with the “state’s appearance”, as CSU-Jungmann Rulitschka thinks. Different groups have immigrated to Munich over the years than to Berlin, as a look at the statistics of both cities shows.

Almost 170,000 people came to Berlin from the Islamic countries of Turkey, Syria and Afghanistan, but only 50,000 to Munich. 50,000 people came to Berlin from Syria and Afghanistan alone, who are overrepresented in the police crime statistics for violent crimes. Just under 13,000 people from Syria and Afghanistan came to Munich.

The largest immigrant group in Berlin are Turks, with more than 100,000 people. The largest immigrant group in Munich are Croats. More than 90 percent of Croatians are Roman Catholic or Christian Orthodox, 99 percent of the Turkish population are Muslims.

Which certainly shouldn’t be a “general suspicion”.