Pavel Vladimirovich, we have made amendments to the Constitution, a lot of work, what’s next?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the rules of the amended Constitution immediately after publication. For example, norms associated with the indexation of pensions, the order of forming the government with the priority of the Constitution over any acts, including international. However, a number of provisions will require development in the current legislation.

Now preparing the plan of legislative work, whereby you will need to make about 100 of Federal constitutional and Federal laws pursuant to the Constitution. That’s a lot. In addition, the regions should look at their legislation, from constitutions and statutes to individual acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Can you tell about the further destiny of the Working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the Main purpose of the amendments is to ensure sustainable development of the society, a decent life for citizens and improving efficiency of the state.

the working group conducted a major systematic work on the draft amendments on those proposals that come to us from all over the country. The discussion was literally over every word, every letter, every comma. The task was daunting – to meet the challenges of time, today, to guarantee the inviolability of the fundamental values of our society and lay the Foundation for further sustainable development of the country. Not to forget, not to miss any incoming party proposals.

the Working group adequately reflected the microcosm of our society. It has become an effective platform of interaction between authorities at different levels and civil society institutions, and citizens. Configured feedback channel with the public. This is a very valuable experience. And it would be useful to use it in the process of implementing those new challenges and goals posed by the amended Constitution.

In accordance with the decision of the President, the working group will continue its activities as a group on monitoring of implementation of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. She will be in charge of monitoring the practical implementation of the constitutional amendments and the coordination of the legislative process to bring Russian legislation into conformity with the Constitution, the discussion of the proposals.

And it is important that in the preparation of amendments, the working group has done extensive work in public and legal analysis to summarize the received proposals. Many of them can be used in the current legislation and in the activities of the authorities.

what laws need to be amended?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: we can Already say that the legislative changes will affect the following areas.

Social. It concerns social security, pensions, benefits; support and protection of the family; issues of education, upbringing, etc.

Science and culture. You will need to adopt a new law on culture. He is taken a very long time – even before 1993, i.e. before the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. And of course, its provisions are outdated and require updates.

Health. Here the need for fundamental restructuring of the health system, its updating, you need to change many rules at all levels – from Federal to municipal.

Organization of a unified system of public administration, issues of state and municipal service, legislation on elections. To earned a new principle of unity of public authority need to establish a mechanism of cooperation between all levels of government to best serve national objectives in the respective territories.

the Issues of defence and security; the inviolability of the territories of the Russian Federation.

the Development of entrepreneurship and private initiative; support of non-profit organizations and development of civil society institutions.

the Basic Law made provision that marriage is the Union of man and woman. Do I need to change the Family code?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: Of marriage as the voluntary Union of men and women are now stated in article 1 of the Family code. To make additional changes to family law on this issue is needed. However, these rules imposed at the constitutional level, be immutable.

do I Need to change the laws about guardianship, the procedure of withdrawal of children from the family?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: Chapter 2 of the Constitution, which deals with the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, explicitly recognized that “motherhood and childhood, family are under state protection” (article 38). Amendments to other chapters of the Constitution have a strong emphasis on providing additional measures to protect and support the institution of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood; the protection of traditional family values. And separately mentions the creation of conditions for worthy education of children in the family. All this – the constant values of a civilized society that ensure continuous change of generations, and therefore in need of special protection of the state. In the development of these provisions will be accepted laws and regulations.

And, of course, we will have to look the Family code and the law on guardianship and trusteeship in terms of powers of bodies of guardianship, to minimize the interference of the state or municipality in the family sphere. I am convinced that the issues of removal of children ands of the family should remain exclusively in the competence of the court, and not of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. It must be extraordinary measures – if there are any crimes, violence, etc.

Then this must be addressed through law enforcement and through the courts, not by administrative order, as provided now. Everything must be done to protect families.

Introduced the indexation of pensions. When they are indexed?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the Constitution lays the Foundation that develops at the level of laws. The constitutional principles of the pension provision – the principle of universality, equity, solidarity between generations – provide a clear guideline and should be specified in the sectoral pension legislation. The new rule that indexation of pensions is carried out at least once a year, will allow citizens to be confident that in any crisis or difficult situations, the government will not be able to retreat from it, and to freeze indexation until better times. These rules are directly applicable and come into force for the citizens and for the authorities. Including should be considered in the budget.

Will put the punishment for talking, for example, to give the Kuril Islands? What?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: the rule prohibiting the alienation of Russian territory, as well as banning calls for such actions – direct action. So talk, and even more negotiations on this subject is now outlawed.

In the Criminal code in 2013 already provided the article 280.1, which establishes sanctions for public appeals to implementation of actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Sanctions established in the form of a fine from 100 to 300 thousand roubles, or deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years.

In my opinion, such appeals, and even more action is tantamount to extremism. So let’s look what it will take adjustments to criminal rules and rules of the code of administrative offences.

What are the amendments to the law on health care, how it will change?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: In the period of the pandemic, it became apparent that the healthcare system needs to be rebuilt fundamentally. We have seen how important the principles of providing accessible and quality health care.

Amended the task assigned to the joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. And local governments, being closest to population level of public authority, within its competence should ensure the availability of medical care. And there will also work a new constitutional principle of unity of system of public authorities – the interaction of Federal authorities, regions and municipalities in order to make the most effeaktivnogo solve problems in the interests of the population. Coordinated action by authorities at all levels to ensure the protection of citizens ‘ rights.

Tested this principle we have seen in the period of the pandemic. Thanks to the coordinated work of all levels of government, we have managed to adequately respond to the challenge posed to our country from the new virus.

in addition, the amendments related to issues of joint competence of Federation and regions, such important issues as creation of conditions for healthy lifestyle, the culture of responsible attitude of citizens to their health. The health of the nation is among the most important tasks of the state, especially in the current environment.

introduced a responsible attitude to animals. Hunting and fishing do not go?

Pavel Krasheninnikov: Rules of hunting and fishing remain. If someone wants to go fishing or hunting, there are corresponding limits which must be respected. Methods of hunting and fishing should be civilized, so it is not passed in some terrifying form.

we Have the law about responsible treatment of animals, there are norms in the Civil code, the Criminal code and the Code of administrative offences. If a person mocks the animals, of course, he should be punished.

the Responsible treatment of animals means that animals should be protected from abuse. So new rules – not so much about animals, but about us, adult citizens and the younger generation, about our attitude to animals and to nature, based on the principles of humanity.

I Think that is good, when children have the ability to communicate with animals when the children are brought up in atmosphere of care and respect for living beings. So, in my opinion, this amendment is also very important.