The second quarantine declared in France from October 30, met with far less understanding than the first. If in March the government was under 93% now only 67% believe that the new restrictions are useful. Among the main opponents of quarantine were the owners of bookstores that closed in among other “not vital trade points”. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarkhanov.”I call it “arrest”,— says the owner of Paris Russian book store Globe Natalya Tyurina.— For the second arrest for several months. Again, we are not allowed to work. As if quarantine is not the best time for you to read.” Bookstores were obliged to lock the doors. They are not pharmacies, and not the optics, not Laundry and not the banks. They do not sell food or wine, no materials and no tools. The books were deemed “not vital”, as opposed to, say, tobacco.The Paris city Council has closed “until further notice” all the museums, theatres and concert halls (leaving only the possibility of conducting rehearsals). Will not work in a cinema in a movie — for those who are ready to invest in a movie without any confidence in the returns. Sent to the assistant mayor for cultural Affairs Karin Rolland communiqué contains a lot of vague promises of support, but they do not comfort.”Leave our shops open,” he appealed to the government of France book dealers. Their Union and the national Union of publishers, the Council of writers require “that social isolation did not turn in culture.”The best of them have become concept stores, museums, clubs, cultural centers. And, therefore, depend on the situation in the cities, and the mood of readers. “The district bookstore that sells, but books Newspapers, school textbooks, exercise books, designed for those who live nearby. But who will go through the whole town when out of bounds?” — lamenting the mistress of the Globe. Russian books in Paris certainly does not need anyone who lives nearby. As, however, and English. Similarly, outdoor suffering 70 years ago by the Americans, Shakespeare and Co., lost 80% of turnover. His owner Sylvia Whitman says prepared to support the famous shop, founded by her father George Whitman. The only permitted form of trading click & collect is not suitable for this picturesque benches on the banks of the Seine, where writers and readers gathered, drank coffee, went to visit the owner, who lived on the second floor, and even stayed for a few days in a hotel.In the early days of the quarantine of the book it was still possible to buy. Temporary handicap got a big brand, long pressing upon book departments in favor of phones and coffeemakers. Owners of independent bookstores was furious and demanded that the rules were the same for all. In the end, with about 31��Bolsheviks were empty shelves in supermarkets.”Absurd,— said Natalia Tyurina.— If we struggle to read books, we would be happy that they are somewhere, but not to require, “once I strangle, strangle and neighbor””.Win again is e-Commerce. “We just open doors to Amazon,” complains the Director of the Union of book dealers Ann Martel. The us giant in the first quarantine tried to restrict that it does not cause much envy from the merchants. Failed in the spring, and will not work now.Photo: Alexey Tarkhanov, Commercentre quarantine began just before the most important for booksellers periods. It is not only Christmas eve but also a month of presenting literary awards. Books-winners in France sold out a few days after the presentation of awards. It has now been decided to postpone the results announcement in early November for an indefinite time — this has already been stated, the organizers of the most famous French literary awards — Goncourt. They were joined by organizers of other literary competitions: Renaudot, Interallie, Femina — until the opening of the book trade, or even to the end of the quarantine, which does not want to end.