Football – “How can I be active by default? From the morning to the evening soon as the men have to run.” The VTM program can continue to Stay in your Room’ could be Kevin De Bruyne again for a quarantainebabbel. On his day fills up, the deferred european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and the rest of the English league. “It would be a shame after such a great season early on, but as a problem to avoid for the next year, it should be once in a while.” Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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for Kevin De Bruyne, the period of the quarantine, quite used to it. “I’m not used to at home. This is the first time since I was fourteen, and that I have day in and day out in my home. Mainly physical, that is to customize. Normal – like everybody else – the daily routine-and who’s that with which you are working. Kine’s, coaches and all the people you can’t see. The contact is wrong, but I see it.”

It was two weeks ago, the symptoms have to be with us. First, it was the younger son is sick, then the oldest and then is my wife. Don’t know if they have corona, but we have been isolated, and now that everyone is back and healthy.

Kevin De Bruyne


‘KDB’ means just the same as any other athlete, his fitness level, as the competition is once again open. “I swim every day for half-an-hour jobs, which accounts for approximately one mile. And I just recently got a treadmill given that I was six or seven miles per day. (laughs) as for the rest, it is early in the morning to the evening, behind the two little men running (De Bruyne has Rome, (1,5), and There Milian (4) two of the sons, ed.). I’m in a lot of them, but I can think of is that they are more into each other and hit back because they have to deal with. That’s really nice.But the most important thing is that everyone is healthy. Even if there were a two weeks ago and still have symptoms. First, it was the younger son is sick, then the oldest and then came my wife, Michèle Lacroix, ed.). Don’t know if they have corona, but we’ve isolated it and now it is just as it should be,” says the scot.

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In Belgium, there will be a discussion on how to proceed with in the national league, as well as in England, state that the item is already on the agenda. How does the 28-year-old trendsetter from Manchester City, is it? “I don’t know if we’re still going to have to play. In the united kingdom, they want to be as long as possible, waiting for a decision to be taken. But, as a football player, it is not self-evident. You have six weeks of silence, the only you, and then for three or four weeks. If we start over, then everyone else after a few rounds, in the clinic. That may not be an option. However, there is a lot of money… I think: have to wait so long to make a decision to take issues to the next season. It’s not like we have a very, very long summer break and everything, just be able to move.I would be a shame to have such a great season early on, but as a problem to avoid for the next year, it should be once in a while.”

De Bruyne will see the EURO 2020, which now has the EURO to 2021, is now, incidentally, is a positive. That “other mob” from the Red Devils, it is not a difficult thing. “In a year, the difference is not dramatic. They had the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, to let go, and we go to the CHAMPIONSHIP and lost, it would have been a problem. Many of us have come up with this quarantine will also be given about what it’s like after a football career. They now have motivation to draw from to have an additional year to give it everything.” And as individuals? “I don’t have much fear about my own kind. Once you start to play football, it’s back to the previous level.”