Alina Sagitova:

Olympic champion Alina Sagitova in an interview with the fashion magazine Cosmopoitan told about the difficult childhood and what motivated her not to give up sports and eventually succeed.

“I’m a difficult person, my grandmother – she moved with me from Izhevsk to Moscow, goes to all the shows, we are always together – it knows! But I didn’t want to leave the sport, understand, for what all are doing. For the sake of medals, and to move his family to Moscow. We lived not very well, not enough money even to travel by bus. Every day I went to practices on other end of Moscow, came out at seven in the morning, and returned at eleven at night. With the medals came and earnings,” – said Sagitov.

“Just once I wanted to quit figure skating. Came here after a workout and said, “Everything can not!” I got over it,” – said the athlete.

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Publish Zagitova from Alina (@azagitova) 22 Jul 2020 11:30 PST

Sagitova said that was never afraid to lose, but it was a shame not to make the statement that a hundred times worked in training. If you managed to skate the program clean, but not to take first place, always thought about her complication. The athlete also spoke about the criticism of haters, which accompanies its preparation.

“at First I tried not to pay attention to them, but in the moments when there was a bad start, they slipped. I wrote that I have! But in fact I don’t owe anyone anything, I wanted to perform. The first time I is very annoying, but the coaches and the parents reassured, explaining that it’s okay, not everyone will like,” said Alina.

Sagitova, catoroy, in may will be 18 years of age, has won all possible titles in figure skating.

It prematurely ended the season 2019/2020, declaring after the final Grand Prix that takes a pause in his career. Alina is planning to successfully pass the exam and go to College, and then to prepare for the new season.