today we have objective factors that reduce the efficiency. This apparent lack of funding, the region spends about 1.5 billion rubles annually, but receives reimbursement for the implementation of the authority in this area three times less than $ 500 million. In addition, we have repeatedly raised the question of the establishment of specialized forest fire centre in the North of the region, as long as it is in these areas occurs about 80 percent of all fires. And this suppression is either extremely difficult, or practically impossible without the availability of such a centre. And yet we still have your reserves, your unexploited opportunities. We can enhance work efficiency and increase the return from the techniques that you were shown today, to achieve results through better interaction between those who are directly involved in extinguishing the fires, the emergencies Ministry forces, lessees of forest land and of local authorities – said Alexander USS.

because Of the extreme heat and high thunderstorm activity in the North region increased the number and area of forest fires. The region has introduced emergency mode in the woods. From mid-June in the Evenki and Angara began to increase the grouping of forest fire units, it now totals more than 1,400 people, 170 pieces of equipment, about 30 aircraft. Most of the fires recorded in the remote territories of the Evenk, Boguchansky, motyginsky and Kezhma districts. Threats to human settlements there.

the Governor inspected the new machinery and equipment – it all came armed with forest firefighters thanks to the national project “Ecology”. At regional dispatching service, where accumulated all the information about forest fire conditions, Alexander USS has proved the ability of remote monitoring system. It allows real-time monitoring the situation in remote areas and to respond quickly to emerging threats. Now most Gorynych areas in the Central and southern region installed 30 cameras, in August we will additionally install another 30. Managers also use the data of space monitoring, ground and aviamatornaya territories.

According to first Deputy head of the regional forest Fire center Vitaly Prostokishina, in 2020 within the framework of improving the system of protection of forests from fires in the region revived the parachute fire Department: on the basis of three aviatiei Kezhma, the Yenisei and Taseevskoye areas is concentrated a large group of parachutists-firemen total population of 60 people. At the expense of RUSAL organised the aviation security 505 thousand hectares of reserve forests from fires in the lower-Yenisei forest area. Actively practice vnutrivuzovskogo maneuvering forces and means of forest Fire centre, as well as operational involvement in suppression of forest fires the Federal reserve, adipogenic other regions, forest users, employees of the EMERCOM.


since the beginning of the season in the region recorded 1 045 forest fires on the area of 226 thousand hectares (in the same period of 2019 appeared 1 152 fire on the area of 317 thousand hectares). In the first days of the discovery of eliminated 70 percent of the fires. The spring peak of forest fires occurred in the third decade of April. Then fire was recorded mainly due to careless handling of fire of the local population and transitions-fire on lands of other categories. Now the reason forest fires are most often dry thunderstorms.