As it became known “Kommersant”, Alexander Isaev, with the scandal left the “Sibantratsit and Octocoral” Dmitry Bosova, moved to a new job. He will be engaged in the Elga coal project: new buyer of Elga “A-property” began to form a management structure of the project and have already received shares in a number of companies involved in them. The transaction on acquisition of Elga was closed earlier in April.Alexander Isaev became the General Director of the management company “Elga coal”, follows from the data register. It was established on 29 April. 51% of this company belongs to the “A-property” albert Avdalyan, and 49% of JSC “Ulak-concession”.The structure of Mr. Avdalyan in April closed the deal to acquire the Elga coal complex Mechel and Gazprombank (see “Kommersant” on April 22). Company latest is “Ulak-concession”, which was established in 2018, when there were negotiations about the transfer of the branch to the Elga concession. The branch, which cost “Mechel” to 77 billion rubles were allocated from the Elga project in 2016 with the expectation of attracting relevant investors. The only contender for the branch was made by the Railways, but to sell the branch of the monopoly has failed. The representative of “A-property” promised to provide comments later. In addition, “A-property” Ltd. received 51% of the operators of the railway “Elga-road” and “Mechel TRANS Vostok”. The remaining 49% will belong to Gazprombank. Management companies remain the structure of “Mechel”. Alexander Isaev, informed business partner Dmitry Bosova, until recently, was, in particular, the Chairman of the Board of UK Vostokugol ‘ and member of the Board of Directors of “Sibantratsita”. However, he was dismissed from all posts (see “Kommersant” on April 6), for alleged illegal activities; the specifics are not cited. Mr. Isaev has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow with the claim about protection of business reputation. The Elgin field is one of the world’s largest deposits of coal: its estimated reserves of 2.2 billion tons. In addition to the Elga at albert Avdalyan and Sergey Adoniev has an ambitious plan to create an industrial cluster in Yakutia, which should include Yakutsk fuel and energy company, the ogodzhinskoye coal project (it also involved “Sibantratsit” and “rostec”) and port Vera in the far East. The transaction for the sale of Elga allowed Mechel to agree on restructuring debt to major creditors — VTB and Gazprombank. The repayment term lasts for seven years, until March 2027, with the possibility of renewal for a further three years.Eugene Zainullin