no One disputes, to respect each other’s need. But in real life is not so easy to do it. According to the Chairman of the Union of gardeners of the suburbs, the first Deputy Chairman of the Moscow regional Duma Nikita Chaplin, more than a third of disputes in the courts associated with the boundaries of land, and every tenth – land.

If the amendments to the Civil code will take, as they will help in solving the most pressing issues for truckers.

because of the buildings and trees on neighboring plots I have is very dark. It is possible to do something?

As explained by Nikita Chaplin, in the rules of land development, in principle, nothing changes. The land owner may erect on it buildings and facilities, their reconstruction or demolition, to allow the construction on his land to others. The main condition is the observance of town-planning and construction norms and rules and the requirements of intended use and the permitted use of the land.

If the land owner built a house, the height of which above 20 meters or three floors, he is entitled to it. And there is nothing to do. If the person on your summer cottage has managed to build high-rises, it will definitely require either to carry or bring into compliance with town planning regulations.

When it comes to high fences or too thick and high trees, there is, of course, must be a principle of respect to those who live nearby, that is incorporated in amendments to the civil code. But if Ivan Petrovich Vasily Ivanovich, can not agree, that is rich in litigation: claims about the demolition of the high wall, about the cutting down of tall trees on neighboring property, on the restructuring of the roof, to prevent water flowing from a neighbor.

Neighbors constantly harness on your site, and all the smoke comes to me. And the other very noisy. How to escape from the noise and odors?

it is Clear that the smoke and noise are not only related to adjacent parcels. Often, these neighbors are not normally allowed to live in the country across the street.

If the violators to fix the video, then they will be not only an administrative fine. Neighbors can send petition to the court for compensation for moral damage.

But this applies only to the worst offenders.

sewage from a nearby site flows to me. What to do?

In this situation, you should contact the CPS or the Prosecutor’s office to record the facts of violation of the sanitary legislation.

after confirmation of violations the owner of the site whose rights have been violated can apply to the court for compensation for material damage caused to the surface layer of the earth, and also moral harm.