the Use of cloud services eliminates the need to purchase special equipment or to build their own data center. Create a cloud services platform for financial market participants it was planned by the Bank of Russia in 2018, but now the question is not about the creation of a single platform, but only on the preparation of uniform rules that the banks were not afraid of leaks from the “cloud”.

“In the framework of the opened direction we together with participants of planned primarily to develop common standards and approaches to certification of suppliers of cloud services, – said General Director of aft Tatyana Zharkova. – Discuss necessary changes in the regulatory framework for the use of cloud technologies and the safe transfer, handling, storage of information. The main thing for us was to help create the most effective and secure and protected environment for the development, implementation and use of cloud services”.

the Unified standards and rules will allow banks to safely use a FINTECH services, most of which have cloud infrastructure. In this area is not yet defined best practices in the industry have the confidence to cloud-based platforms outside the Bank, so standards are needed, said the Director of the Center for search and development of innovation “Alfa-Bank” Denis Dodon.

Cloud services can help market participants to solve tasks such as automation of services authorization and inter-Bank testing data and API portals for interfaces FINTECH services – everything that will make the obtaining of Bank products to customers even faster and easier, says the head of the Department of development of it technologies and user support of Raiffeisenbank Roman Murashkin. Raiffeisenbank very interested in the development of this direction on the basis of aft, as the use of cloud solutions in banks provides a lot of the regulatory details, he adds.

security Requirements of cloud services must obviously be below the requirements of the Central Bank to financial institutions, but the regulation of such platforms should be engaged in the Ministry of communications, said Dodon: the need for a unified register of providers of cloud services, licensing activities and for the relevance criteria. “It is difficult to assess the cost of such a project are likely to be of the minimum capital requirements. The model itself is a cloud-based business allows you to transfer the main share of the costs from CAPEX to OPEX, but the practice of using this approach in the financial sector has accumulated”, says Igor Dodon.

In the AFL other than banks are the largest Telecom company. Previously, the Association participated in the launch of the faster payments System, has developed the first (and only certificeraven FSB) blockchain platform Mastercan, prepared the concept of the implementation of the open API in the banking market and the beginning of the piloting of the platform “Digital profile”.