If you and your husband can have a relationship that you both like and need to feel good, in the stars. To free yourself, therefore, for the First from the pressure, you now and again for a life together decide. Currently it is simply a matter of whether you agree, what could the next steps be, and how you Happened to want to process.

If a relationship of an indiscretion was shaken, then the Affected person often has very different ideas about how to tackle the Situation. Of a wants nothing more than a clear-cut step and a view to the front, and the other a thorough work-up.

Ask yourself, what do you need for processing, so you clearly can communicate. It is not now the Moment to remain silent. The current uncertainty regarding your future may be uncomfortable, but strictly speaking, there is no pressure to have to as quickly as possible all rules.

Focusing rather on possible next, take small steps than big plans and promises. Some people are afraid to stand for months in a treatment at the pillory. Maybe you can get your husband to a test session, and from there you can see more.

the advice

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