In a new RTL documentary, Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria provide insights into their everyday lives. But many viewers are particularly appalled by the rapper, who seems to support his wife little with the children.

Last summer, Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi emigrated to Dubai with their family. The reason for this was the long-standing legal dispute with ex-manager and clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker. The family lived under police protection for a long time. The rapper and his wife show what their new life in the desert state looks like in their four-part documentary soap on RTL. The first episode was broadcast on Thursday evening and there is already a lot of criticism. Because the 44-year-old obviously does not participate in the household.

While the mother of eight in the documentary runs the household all by herself, Bushido leans back. The rapper would rather sleep in than cook or clean. The fact that not only Anna-Maria but also some Internet users are annoyed by the behavior can be seen in the comments on the Internet. For example, a Twitter user writes: “Am I understanding that correctly? Ferchichis have 7 children and Anna-Maria takes care of the children alone?? “Another user comments on Bushido’s lazy attitude: “2023 and the guy just gets up at 9 and the woman takes care of 7 children almost alone “. The rapper was also criticized by the Twitter community for the way he dealt with his daughter: “Now do your hair, AGE” Bushido to his daughter’ I’m getting sick”.

The fact that Bushido does not participate in the household also bothers Anna-Maria: “In almost twelve years, Anis has never woken up the children, dressed them or made breakfast,” said the mother and she added: “Everything is always relaxed for him because I make sure of it… He doesn’t understand why I’m always so tense.” But on the show, the rapper is put to the test and has to prove his abilities as a father when Anna-Maria has to go to the hospital.

In the second part of their documentary “Bushido

In three weeks, the triplets of Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi will be one year old. The couple has a total of seven children together, Sarah Connor’s sister has a son from a previous relationship. Now Anna-Maria admits that she expects more children in the future.

For four years, Bushido and his family could not lead a self-determined life because the constant threat posed by Arafat Abou-Chaker was omnipresent. The LKA’s personal protection was therefore a necessity, but the constant accompaniment of the police had its downsides for Anna-Maria Ferchichi.

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