the Consumer organization Test-aankoop calls to more stringent rules and regulations for many electronic devices in our automobiles against cyber-attacks, and to protect them. “In terms of both the personal data of the users as well as the security and safety of the occupants may be at risk”, what it sounds like. As a last test, they went to a Volkswagen Polo and a Ford Focus under command from hackers.

A car without the electronics, it is hard to imagine now. But who’s to electronics, says, thinks, will automatically be added to the hackers. Together with five other European colleagues sent out a Test Purchase of seven hackers from a British security company, off on the mobile app, a Volkswagen Polo and a Ford Focus. Also, the cars have been put to the test: for example, we were looking for weak spots in the infotainment systems, with radio, gps, telefoonconnecties, etc.), lock and others.

In the VW Polo was found in the infotainment system doesn’t measure up to the hackers, and the system that had been in contact with the traction control on the car. “If the traction control can be manipulated, it would be that the people can compromise,” it is a decision, because you will be on a slippery road surface, the steering control may be lost. Is the unlock code of a key could also be compromised, which can be a gift for car thieves. And the link to the fabriekscentrale leaves also seem to like to be involved in the personal calendar of the user.

Big Brother

Not only is the VW Polo, however the Ford Focus proved to be a bit too small for the hackers. It could be the signal to start the engine, to be disturbed. The car turned out to be not only to remember where they had been driven and where, but also how the driver is using the throttle, and other controls that were used. A plant for the performance of its customers, and to analyze it, “but what if that information falls into the wrong hands”, said the consumer logs off.

They are in favor of still more stringent rules against cyber-attacks: the new rules for the automotive manufacturers required to be imposed on them. Volkswagen, slammed the criticism doesn’t have to be in the wind. “There has been contact with the company, and that the test is carried out,” said Jean-Marc Ponteville of the VW importer D’ieteren. “In our opinion, the hackers penetrated into the very heart of the traction control, or any other system, and that the safety of the passengers safety. However, we want to analyze the results with the appropriate seriousness.”

the Ford will sound on the other hand, the general reaction to it. However, it is waiting for a clear response from the European headquarters.
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