I met in an online format with the resident of Novosibirsk Catherine Aronova, who has three sons with cerebral palsy, and learned what she thinks about the decision of the main court of the country. Will it help her?

– you Know, I always thought adults with disabilities the most vulnerable, not interesting and a seemingly futile social category. My triplets turned fifteen, and I imagine, perhaps for the first time thought about themselves and about the same parents with such children. We, unfortunately, do not look younger, become stronger, healthier, fitter. As children become adults, but the attention and care they require, no less than in childhood. And except us, the parents, they are not wanted. Therefore, the decision of the COP, which I read in “RG”, proved very useful, – says Ekaterina. – As I understand it, KS revealed a discrepancy of article 17 of the Federal law “About insurance pensions” of the Constitution. This means that pensioners with a dependent adult child on disability, will now be able to count on a Supplement to the pension. Fortunately for Russia, such a family as ours, which would have brought up three children with severe forms of cerebral palsy is unique, but families with children with disabilities, unfortunately, very much. Therefore, the situation when the breadwinner dies and the mother is the one with a disabled child, is very common. It is clear that here we are not talking about big money. But this is a stable guaranteed payment which we are all very important.

Katherine knows what he’s talking about. Five years ago she lost her husband – the sole breadwinner of the family. Then the widow asked the question: why do children who receive a disability pension can’t have a second pension, which is called “survivor”?

I reached out to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but we always received similar replies. According to the law of two pensions to one person is not put. And here I was so inspired by the current situation that I have once again decided to address this issue: addressed to a law firm for advice and to examine the question.

– How do you handle the isolation?

– it is distance learning, the boys have mastered different training platform. I finally realized the project. This is a family site There downloaded information – everything that has been written and filmed about the children myself and the media. Is there a publication of “RG”.

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