A local recreation center “Bird House” will appear on the outskirts of the Bitsevsky forest. It will be located on the side of the metro station “Annino”. It will include the territory of the natural-historical park and the site where there used to be garages. Here they will create a space for active and relaxing recreation, and the central part of the park will remain untouched.

This local center will become part of a buffer zone — an ecological ring with a diverse infrastructure that will expand recreation opportunities and reduce the recreational load on the center of the forest.

The site where the work is carried out is densely surrounded by apartment buildings. It is still used for quiet recreation, sports and walks with children. But the pavement of the tracks has already fallen into disrepair, the children’s equipment on the playground is outdated. Benches along the routes were installed chaotically and directly on the lawn, which is inconvenient for use in the off-season: after rain, the ground around the benches is eroded. The area was unlit and unsafe. At the same time, it has a large capacity, since many residents pass through it, heading to the metro station “Annino”.

There are many bird feeders placed there, new ones will be added to them. Local residents will only need to make sure that they have food in them.

The garages were located in the area of house 152, building 16 on the Warsaw Highway. A temporary fence was installed on this site, a geodetic breakdown of the tracks was carried out, cable sewers were laid and embedded parts for lighting poles were arranged. There is already a planar parking for 97 parking spaces, including places for people with limited mobility, it remains only to apply markings. Now we are installing supports for the installation of lanterns and CCTV cameras. Also, Sergey Melnikov added, convenient approaches to the forest territory will be organized from this site.

The recreation center “Bird House” will become another place of rest within walking distance from the house. The necessary infrastructure for adults and children will be created here.