The search for a vaccine against the corona virus is raging in all its intensity. An international team of scientists from the university of Pittsburgh, and has now an encouraging result could be a potential vaccine against the Covid-19, the test animals are ahead of us and it would be even earlier than expected in may, ” said one of the researchers.

now, As the feline corona virus is everywhere in the world, dead to requirements, the knowledge of what they are able to make a vaccine. More farmareus Johnson & Johnson to be given at the beginning of 2021, about once a vaccine is available. As well as the University of Pittsburgh, in the united states, which has been made of promising results. It is also published that in the scientific magazine EBioMedicine, which is a component of The lancet.

The team from the university of a promising vaccine against the virus, and that over the last few weeks and tested it on mice. That had the expected reaction: they were antibodies in the blood.

extensive experience:

The scientists had worked previously with vaccines against other coronavirussen, such as SARS, MERS, and they are very, very similar to the new virus. “We have these two viruses are learned, which is a protein essential for the formation of immunity,” says Andrea Gambotto, a scientist in Pittsburgh. “That’s why we know exactly where we are with the virus will have to fight for it.”

with The virus working through a patch on the skin is to be applied, and thus spread throughout the body. However, it is not because the mouse is working, that it is the ideal vaccine. This is still a great deal more research is needed. However, the scientists are hopeful. It is an honor to be in the next few months to be able to start testing it on humans. “As long as we are within one or two months, to be able to begin with, the tests might in three months have lost out,” says Gambotto. “As a result, we will be in the dose to know who is working for the people.”

The Italian says, the hope is that the vaccine in the past, then expect to be ready, and possibly even before the next flu season.

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