The nimble (agile) lizard, listed in the Red Book of Moscow under the first category, is gradually expanding its habitat in the natural-historical park “Kuzminki-Lublin”. Experts of Mospriroda note the growth of the population of the species, especially young individuals.

Perhaps we are talking about the usual fluctuation in numbers. In addition, several favorable factors could affect the increase in the population. This includes the dry, hot summer months in the last two years, and a decrease in the number of visitors in remote parts of the park due to restrictions imposed last year due to the pandemic.

Nimble lizards are a type of small reptiles of different colors: they can be brown, green or gray. Males are green more often, and young females are brown. The length of these lizards together with the tail reaches an average of 25 centimeters, the largest individuals — 35 centimeters. Moreover, 60 percent of the length is accounted for by the tail.

These diurnal animals have a well-developed sense of smell and vision, and they use language for touch. The lizards got their name for their ability to move quickly, changing direction. For your prey (fly) they can also jump up. Agile lizards are able to move through trees, but more often they stay in open spaces — clearings and meadows.

These reptiles are known for their unique ability to autotomy, that is, to drop the tail. He continues to squirm for some time, distracting the predator’s attention. The newly grown tail usually has a darker color, a different scale pattern and shape.

Today there are 569 species of unique flora and fauna in Moscow, which are carefully protected and restored.

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