A nurse came out of Oakland in the united states in the united states, Michigan did not realize what was happening to her during her first shift at the icu unit at the hospital where she works. The number of patients who are infected with the corona virus, is increasing rapidly in the United States of america. With more than 90,000 infections, there have been more cases than it is in China. The woman posted the video on Tuesday on Snapchat: “It was as if I was working in a war zone. This is my new ‘normal’ for the next couple of weeks.”

“I’m not doing this for pity, to wake,” he writes as a nurse, Melissa Steiner, in her video. “This is what I do, and I am so glad that I can help you. I just wanted to vent, because this is traumatic, and that people will be able to understand why they have to stay at home.”

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How long time you have been infected with the corona virus?

What is the corona virus in our cells that takes up:
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What is the corona virus? What are the symptoms? How can infection be avoided? What if you get sick? What measures are there in Belgium? For more about the corona virus a Tv presenter In the Reeds, and sees the positive in the moment: “I can see because of this little bit of beauty to grow,”

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