A house in Orekhovo-Zuyevo reinstated after gas explosion

the Decision on the recovery adopted by the city administration after receiving the results of a study of the building. Full technical survey a five-storey Khrushchev in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, who suffered from gas explosion on 4 April, was conducted by specialists of VNII GOCHS EMERCOM of Russia.

In the result after the examination, using diagnostic complex “Strela-P” and it came to this conclusion: the third and fourth entrances are generally not injured, and the first and second entrances found in an emergency, but subject to restoration.

As stated on the website of the leading research institutes of the system of EMERCOM of Russia, in 3 months after major repair work specialists of VNII GOCHS will re-dynamic-geophysical and geodetic studies of this building.

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Recall that in the result of a gas explosion injured a total of 10 people, three of whom died.

All the victims will receive the payment. The families of the deceased will receive 1 million rubles, the citizens, who are in the hospital – 500 thousand. The district chief also noted that sedesol will pay up to 30 thousand rubles for each victim family member and up to 50 thousand rubles for those who live alone.

“It will depend on what kind of damage,” – said the official.

Even residents can count on payments from the regional budget.

“We will pay 100 thousand rubles for each family member, and 120 thousand each living alone”, – quotes the press service of the regional government the Governor of of Moscow suburbs Andrei Vorobyov.

Back in their apartments the residents of the two uninjured entrances will have to do with Easter, until 20 andPrel. And the residents of the first two entrances will be able to plan a return to October. Before that date they will be offered free accommodation in the sanatorium or hotel.