Zutendaal is The friend of the 30-jarigeIsaura Castermans, who on Friday died from the corona virus can also be concluded for some time of the disease. The man is now recovering. This is conrmed by the parents of Isaura. “He is not allowed on Friday’s a funeral to attend”, you hear the sound of the sigh.

Isaura Castermans (30) days of Zutendaal was on Tuesday of last week suffering from a cold. Thursday, dropped him at home, and after that, the virus from her heart skip a beat. Her best friend, and a few minutes later, the MUG, and a doctor were in vain, reanimatiepogingen. In the meantime, it appears that her boyfriend, Sauro, Would also have to be infected with the virus, it is possible, as long as all of Isaura. In the meantime, he is recovering. As it was feared that he of the a funeral was not allowed to attend, but only after extensive consultation with the funeral director turns out that it is now possible to.


“on Thursday, there will be a parting, and there it is,” says the mother of Isaura. “This Friday is the funeral, and that he may be present. It remains, however, that we are not more than twenty persons are permitted to be present.”

get The parent of Isaura the trip is completely self-regulated, in consultation with the funeral director. “It’s Sauro will not be able to take control in a face-to-face, but by phone, he was there every time. In that way, he needs to transfer.”