A deal OPEC oil compared c humiliating for Russia the Brest peace

the New agreement, OPEC+ reduction of oil production can be compared with the Brest peace, which was humiliating for Russia. On Saturday, April 11, stated owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC Vice President and co-owner of the largest Russian private oil company “LUKOIL” Leonid Fedun.

“I have cited the example of the Brest peace, when the Bolsheviks in 1918, were forced for various reasons to go with Germany on a deal that was humiliating and difficult,” said Fedun, commenting on a completed transaction.

however, he acknowledged that the restriction of oil production will have on Russia and positive results, as it will save the price range for oil in the area of 30-40 dollars per barrel.

on 10 April it became known that 22 of the 23 countries in the format of OPEC agree on production cuts of oil by 10 million barrels per day in may and June, after 8 million in six months and 6 million in the next 16 months. The agreement shall enter into force on 1 may. While Mexico refused to assume the proposed commitments, attempts to convince her continued April 11.

In Russia, the negotiations on the oil deal are considered valid. The country will go for the maximum reduction of production with respect to all parties to the agreement, if to count from the March levels. In the Kremlin refused to consider the agreement in its defeat, because the result will benefit all countries.

the Brest peace — a separate peace Treaty signed March 3, 1918 in the town of Brest-Litovsk representatives of Soviet Russia and the Central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire), which provides an outlet of the RSFSR of the First world war. By its terms, Russia refused from the Baltic States and parts of modern Belarus, passed a number of territories of the Ottoman Empire, and undertook to demobilize the army and disarm the fleet.