Two of The 85-year-old Maurice Strouven since Wednesday afternoon, is missing. The man went to his own home, in Grazing, in Geetbets, in about 16 hours for a bike ride, but she’s gone, never to return. The family searched all night to no avail. The police department, we have a search is in progress, and found in the meantime, his bike, along with the Budingenweg in Two. Maurice, there is still no trace of him. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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a man of power, both of family, friends and police are searching for Maurice. Especially on the smaller bike, and walking, thanks to Maurice, the main roads in the region avoided.
Bike and found a

in the afternoon, a bicycle, a gray and Minerva the bike, which was found along Route 192 at the Budingenweg. “To the family of the bicycle is formally recognized as being that of Maurice,” is heard at the local police station. “Unfortunately, we have the man himself, no trace.”

the Search continues

“We will continue to be a man of power here. Whether on foot along the trail and in the surrounding fields. We also get the support of the helicopter, and the hondenbrigade a trace to be found. Currently, there is a bus and voelstok of the water along the bike and walking it down,” according to the police.