It’s frequently said that variety is the spice of life, and that’s true in many cases — not throughout the Super Bowl. As everybody knows, Steak sauce is the preferred spice of life on Super Bowl Sunday.

That having been said, you may still inject a little variety into your smaller game-day amassing by swapping a tray out of buffalo wings for a various buffalo-drenched appetizer, such as peppermint, cauliflower, or even deviled eggs. In reality, we have gathered eight excellent suggestions for buffalo-based recipes under, and each looks equally as yummy as a plate of fiery wings.

Try one of the following recipes in this year’s Super Bowl seeing, but just be sure not to skimp on such a sauce. (Like we mentioned earlier,”variety” is fine and dandy, but it is no substitute for spicy sauce)

Half Baked Harvest. “Like really, really great.” By the looks of that picture up there, we’re inclined to think her, also. Grab her whole recipe here.

Flavored popcorn is obviously a crowd-pleaser, particularly on Super Bowl Sunday.

After seeing this fiery-hot recipe for deviled eggs at Ari’s Menu, we must wonder: Why aren’t all deviled eggs made this manner?

Bev in Bev Cooks originally whipped up these quesadillas in honour of March Madness, but it does not spoil it for us one piece. This same recipe nevertheless makes a super Super Bowl snack.

Hungrier football fans might want to test out this hearty recipe for freshwater chicken stromboli. We can thank Erin at The Spiffy Cookie for this fantastic idea.

Kristy of The Wicked Noodle can satisfy your Super Bowl cravings with cauliflower, of everything. Need convincing? Have a peek at the recipe and receive cooking.

Bust out the toaster, since mac and cheese is slowly coming to the Super Bowl. Click the to get Lisa Huff’s recipe, courtesy of her Snappy Gourmet website.

You can thank Kristy in the Wicked Noodle after you have eaten five of them.