As a homeowner, you’ve probably already checked into the home equity loans you can get against your mortgage. Many homebuyers don’t know about home equity loans when they first talk to the lender, put down a down payment, and get their original home loan to purchase their new home.

However, the longer you have your home, the more repairs and renovations it needs and the more money you’re going to spend. Home loans can help you do everything from adding an awning and patio to your home to paying off major debt. However, you do want to be careful and not end up with a higher monthly payment or mortgage rate than you had to begin with. You also want to spend your home equity loan on the best possible choices. With that in mind, here are six great ways to spend a home loan.

1. Home Improvements


Whether you want to add square footage to your home or are looking to modernize your kitchen and bathrooms, home improvements are a great way to utilize your home equity loan. You can also use a home loan to update the outside of your home as well, such as having an awnings Columbus Ohio professional come out and install retractable awnings over your porches, having a patio poured in the backyard, or a deck built around the pool.

2. Debt Consolidation



If you have several loans or credit cards with high-interest rates and want to get out from under them, then debt consolation with your home equity loan can help. If the credit cards have high balances, you’re probably paying late fees and a ton of interest every month. Using your home equity to consolidate those debts into one convenient payment will help you financially and lower your stress levels.

3. Emergency Funds



The year 2020 brought the emergence of Covid-19, and showed how important it is for American’s to have an emergency fund of $1,000 plus in the bank at all times. If you’ve gone into your emergency fund during the pandemic or never had one at all, then using a home loan to start one is a great idea. It’s also a good idea to put some of that money away for major changes in your life, such as weddings, paying down your student loan, and more.

4. College Tuition


Education isn’t cheap, and for those families who bring in a high income, financial aid and student loans might not be an option. Your home loan can go a long way towards helping to pay for that college tuition and take some of the stress off of you as parents at the same time. Every parent wants to provide their children with a quality education so that they can go out into the world and have a great career and a wonderful life.

5. Investment Properties



It is possible to make that home loan work for you by using it to purchase investment properties such as land, homes, and even businesses. It is important to note at this point that real estate is a risky business, so you want to do your research, take a few classes, and be educated on everything you can do with the real estate market before you invest your home loan in this way.

6. Savings Account



You already have an emergency fund, but you want to save for other major purchases. Why not take the money from your home loan and put it away in savings to start saving for that major purchase now? You can add to the savings, instead of going into debt to get what you want.

These are just a few of the best ways to spend your home loan. From putting it in a savings account to home improvements, your home loan can be a big help if used in the right way.