The series A, The ” ok ” from the players and the coach is there. If the Serie A is finally called off, to supply Romelu Lukaku and co. a number of the monthly rates at Inter. The players who were there are quickly. They’re willing to money to drop out of solidarity with the club. There are more than 40 million euros is at stake.

After that, the players of The four-monthly rates drop, you can even pursuer an FC Internazionale, not to be left behind. The coronacrisis the dominosteentjes, also, in the game of football. During the Inter they will have the calculations made. To ensure that the financial hangover from the cancellation of the Series a little more bearable, it is the club you want to skimp on salaries and wages.

we’re in this Together,

in The past few days, there is a call, press and discussed among the owner, Steven Zhang, the sports leadership coach, Antonio Conte, as representatives of the players under the command of captain Samir Handanovic. A final agreement on a pay cut, it is not quite there yet, but if it is, the Series is A one of the weeks, is finally called off, the players and staff are willing to provide, and it is in a definitive agreement to cast it. Basically, they are all out. The principle of solidarity, first with Inter. The talk will be easier if a theatre group is well connected – to the Inter they are, we’re in this together.