Let’s face it – most people, and even those managing businesses or operating in industries that rely on them every day, don’t know a lot about batteries.  Take the various sizes of the standard, single-cell, cylindrical dry batteries that we’ve seen, bought, used and replaced a million times in the past.  Did you know, for instance, that whether in AAA, AA, C or D sizes, they are all listed as 1.5 volts apiece?  So why not cut out all of the confusion and simply make them all in a single size?  Why would anyone want a heavier D battery at all?

The answer is simple: current.  Think of it like a water pipe – if the water pressure is the voltage, the amount of water flowing through that pipe is the current.  Electrical circuits or devices need differing amounts of voltage, which is why some applications call for a chunky D battery capable of some 10,000 mAh (milliamps per hour), far exceeding the approximately 2000 mAh, supplied by a AA/AAA battery.


But let’s dig even deeper than that.  Let’s say your business-critical device or circuit requires D batteries – is it worth making the switch to rechargeable?  It’s quite common for businesses to invest in rechargeable batteries for the more common sizes, like AA or AAA, but is it worth switching to D rechargeable batteries as well?  After all, with a high battery turnover, rechargeable really makes sense.  As for those D rechargeable batteries, we often hear that businesses can’t be convinced that it’s really necessary.

Recharging: Obviously, the process of recharging requires a bigger battery ticket-price, a charger, and extra time.  All too often, simply popping in a fresh disposable battery is simply easier.

Discharge: Another argument is that rechargeable batteries, even when pre-charged for the packet, lose power when stored for lengthy periods, making disposable batteries the more efficient and convenient option for a busy business.

But while these potential downsides so often win the argument overall, that’s definitely not the full picture.  So is it finally time to embrace D rechargeable batteries for your critical or more casual operations?

  1. Environment

‘Green’ is the buzzword of the smart 21st century business, making rechargeable another no-brainer.  Fewer batteries will have to be manufactured because of you, and you alone – let alone transport and many other costs.  To put a stat on it, one D rechargeable battery has a carbon footprint that is 20+ times smaller than its disposable counterpart.

  1. Chemicals

To expand on the environmental credentials a little more, consider this: it’s not just one depleted disposable battery that will hit landfill, all of the nasties inside of them will too.  We’re talking corrosive materials, dangerous chemicals and harsh heavy metals, all adding up to make rechargeable 10 times less harmful in terms of acidification, and 10 times better in terms of air, land and water pollution.

  1. Performance

But while the smart manager will have been nodding along to benefits #1 and #2, their very next question would of course be “How about that battery performance, though?”  Well, it’s good news again.  Especially with some of the rechargeable products on the market today, and doubly so when considering high-drain devices that require size D, a fully-charged rechargeable unit will actually last longer than the disposable alternate.

  1. Money

That same smart manager understands that money is the life-blood of every single business – making rechargeable the only logical choice yet again.  Remember, it costs a couple more dollars off the shelf, but that rechargeable D battery can then be used, discharged and recharged not dozens, not hundreds, but even thousands of times.  Make no mistake: going rechargeable is a lot, lot cheaper in the end.

Is your business going to make the switch to chargeable?  Even in the category of D rechargeable batteries, there’s an awful lot of choice out there these days, so don’t forget to consult with an expert to maximise all of the expected benefits for your particular business applications.  Good luck!