Everyone has been advised to buy insurance more than once – for health, house, car, life, or business. But people usually shy away from purchasing insurance, thinking they don’t need to buy health or life insurance while still young or business insurance for a business they just started. Contrary to these thoughts, it doesn’t matter how healthy, good drivers or skilled entrepreneurs they are; everyone needs insurance. Why? Insurance acts like a safety net that financially protects people and their families when the unexpected comes.

What is insurance?

It’s easy to understand the concept of insurance. You pay a monthly fee to a provider to insure your life, house, car, or business for a determined period. In return, the insurance company pays for the financial damages in case the insured object experiences any issues.

You are transferring the risk of financial loss you may have in case of an issue to a provider for a small payment you make monthly. For example, if a tornado damages your house, the house insurance policy covers the costs for rebuilding it. Meanwhile if someone dies during the tornado, their family receives compensation from their life insurance provider. From body parts to pets, there is insurance available for anything you may imagine.

Why do you need insurance?

Most have the misconception the insurance is an unnecessary expense. But no one should be sure about their future or ability to handle unseen scenarios.

Insurance is important because it provides your family financial stability. It doesn’t matter how much money you saved; an unexpected issue can burn a big hole in your budget and jeopardize their financial stability. So, it’s best to cover your life, house, and business with an adequate amount of insurance to ensure that your family deal with no money problems if something terrible happens.

Insurance brings you peace of mind. The insurance company pays for the damage in case you experience an unforeseen event. The guarantee that the risk is covered brings you peace of mind because you know that you’re able to sail even during tough times.

Insurance lowers your stress during challenging periods. No matter how good a planner you are, an unforeseen situation can turn everything upside down, leaving you financially, emotionally, and even physically strained. Insurance can help you recover during challenging times and allow you to focus on the way to get back on track.

The 3 best insurance companies in Austin

If you’re living in Austin and looking for an insurance company, you may find the following list of trustworthy providers helpful.

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is a well-known insurer in Austin, Texas because it offers a comprehensive list of services developed to serve customers of all types and sizes. They also provide many options for customization because they’re aware each client is unique and needs products and services catered to their own preferences. At present, Berkshire Hathaway is specialized in the following lines of coverage: businessowner’s policies, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial umbrella, professional liability, and personal umbrella. Is Berkshire Hathaway a good insurance company? Experts name it the best provider in the business insurance category. Berkshire Hathaway is an AM Best A+ rated property and casualty provider offering coverage for over 250,000 corporations in the USA. It provides a comprehensive list of customizable policies to fit all businesses, no matter their industry, size or type.


Chubb is the largest commercial insurer in the USA and the world’s largest publicly traded P&C insurance provider. It operates in over 54 countries and provides a wide array of services, from personal property to health insurance, personal accident, and life insurance. The insurance provider is proud to state that it offers a complete set of services to its clients because it assesses, assumes, and manages risks. The company is known in the insurance industry for paying the clients’ claims fairly and promptly. The insurance agents working for Chubb have years of experience in the industry and use their knowledge to craft and deliver the best services to businesses, individuals, and their families.

What makes Chubb one of the best insurance companies in Austin is the extensive range of product and service offerings, notable financial strength, direct-to-client consumer platform collaborations, and local operations in Texas. The company serves small, mid-size, and multinational companies with all kinds of policies they may need.

State Farm

If you just purchased a car and checked the list of insurers that provide cheap car insurance quotes in Austin you may’ve noticed that State Farm is one of them with the average national insurance premiums between $1,098 and $1,468. State Farm is an established insurance provider in the USA, being the fourth-largest car insurance company in the States in terms of overall market share. Its purpose is to establish a trust-based relationship with its clients and does its best to promote customer-friendly services. State Farm is a pro when it comes to customer services, and has been awarded Highest in Customer Satisfaction among life insurance companies and #1 for product offerings. One would think that an insurance provider ranked as one of the best in the USA asks for expensive fees to provide services to the average individual. But the truth is that the State Farm car insurance cost is quite affordable ($52 per month or $625 per year). Besides the car insurance policies, State Farm offers many other services like life, health, disability, liability, small business, and home and property insurance. Their auto insurance packages include policies for car, motorcycles, boat, motorhome, off-road vehicles, and roadside assistance.

Bottom line

Having insurance (life, house, car, business) is a vital part of financial planning, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Most of the time, it can save you from financial hardship and protect you when unforeseen circumstances arise. However, when you buy it, you should always choose a reliable provider to ensure that you benefit from the best services. The above three insurance companies are known for the high-quality services they offer in Austin, so if you live there, one can definitely provide you with the services you need.