Such a statement the Agency did on the background of the newly emerging conversations about the future of one of the most controversial transport systems, which is on the metro map represent the number 13. In mass-media there were messages that finally close the monorail in August and in its present form he will not be reborn. The DMV, however, said that no final decisions had yet been made.

the press service of the Moscow metro “RG” was told that the monorail continues to work in tour mode – train on it every half hour followed by another from 2017. “Unfortunately, it is very costly and futile in its current form is transport, it will be recognized in the subway. – It’s embarrassing to call these numbers, but regular passengers there – 39. During the year, the monorail transports only 1.5 million passengers – as much as ICC for three days.”

In the year the road cost the city 800 million rubles. Experts to the monorail is also unfavorable. The ratio of costs with the number of passengers makes overground trains too expensive – with the same success it is possible at the expense of the city to carry people in a taxi, the Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Mikhail Blinkin.

“the Cost of one trip on the monorail – about 200 rubles, and did not do the calculations – he said “RG”. – The main defect of this system is that the cars for it was made in single copies.

It would have never worked if not for the team of engineers and skilled workers that maintain the system performance on enthusiasm. Instead of monorail needed a tram line, and around this place can be a Museum of urban transport”.

Recall, the monorail was launched in 2004. Passenger traffic on the road decreased significantly in 2016 – said the launch of the CIP and the extension of the metro.