you are typing a message on the phone or scrolling through your Instagram Feed, suddenly, a number flashes. Now what? Pushing away or get it?

in particular, many young people prefer to type long messages or voice messages, instead of bringing it to the listener to the point. It seems like there is for many nothing more unpleasant to the phone as.

should be, especially in the case of professional contacts is not always on the written communication used. Because this brings some problems: for example, a survey of the University of Chicago showed, for example, that the sender of an E-mail perceived your tone as much friendly as he was perceived by the recipient.

however, if one Talks to each other, considerably fewer miscalculations. Through the voice of the conversation partner receives more information to help him in the interpretation of what is said.

the following tips to Shine on the next call:

tips 1: conference room booking, or a Headset to use

In the office, it can be occasionally quite loud. So you can undisturbed and in peace and quiet to make calls, you need a retreat. You can reserve a conference room. If this is not possible, it can help a Headset. This gives you peace of mind and reduced ambient noise.

tip 2: About the Person in advance

inform it Is a great Deal, find out beforehand with whom you have it. Social media and the Internet make it possible to learn more about a Person. Depending on, you can adjust your strategy.

tip 3: procedure write down

do you Feel before a call is unsafe, it can help, a guide for the interview to write down. You bring on a sheet of paper what you want to say.

tip 4: Welcome

get a friendly Welcome, where you specify your first name, last name and company name. But caution: stay away from clichés, such as “What can I do for you?”, the empty and phone Central sound.

tip 5: Smile,

Also on the receiver, it is worth to give the interlocutor a Smile. Because it looks not only friendly, it is also the heart sounds are to be expected. The voice sounds through a Smile immediately different.

tip 6: Stand

talk to on the phone Who Are in, it is automatically dynamic, as in a Sitting position. This also has an impact on the conversation and your voice. You want to remain sitting, then you should lean back. This gives your voice a fuller and deeper sound.

tip 7: The 1-Minute rule

The most important information should be covered in a telephone conversation in the first Minute. In this time, it should be able to arouse the interest of your interlocutor and to win him for themselves.

tip 8: interest

a signal In a telephone conversation, the visual feedback, which often leaves us skeptical if we hear nothing from our conversation partner is missing. Therefore, they should once in a while a verbal Nod, or short words like “Yes”, “Understand”, or “Hm” are included. They interrupt the flow of speech is not, convey an interest in the conversation.

tip 9: the name of multiple

call, you Speak to your conversation partners several times during the phone call with his name, attracts its attention. He will give you more attention. The Name has not been called or you have forgotten it, then you ask friendly.

tip 10: make notes

to Write during the conversation, all the important points. So you can give, if necessary, the information also more. You make a Note of the following three points:

Who?… Name and surname of the interlocutor, as well as its position.What?… What was involved in the conversation.When?… When important tax was the deal data or re-interview, you should make a note of all the data. Tip 11: The correct completion of

find a conversation Has reached the end, should be found to the right conclusion: Summarize the content of the conversation again briefly, so there’s no misunderstanding. Now is also the right time to Ask.

And: Thank your conversation partner that leaves behind a positive impression. You can thank, for example, for the good collaboration or a helpful tip.