Founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has criticized the actions of the President of the United States Donald trump. According to him, the situation with COVID-19 in the state is now much worse than in many other countries.

The government could avoid a sharp rise in the number of infected persons, reports The Hill.

At this stage it is clear that the trajectory [of the situation] in the U.S. is much worse than in many other countries, and that our administration was significantly less effective than others in resolving this issue, — he stressed.

The businessman also expressed regret in connection with absence of the United States effective system testing. In addition, he criticized the presidential administration for the discrediting of the leading countries infectious diseases Anthony Fauci.

On the eve of the chief specialist on infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci, criticized the actions of the administration of the President of the country. In his opinion, the authorities of the state are unable to impose total quarantine, therefore COVID-19 continues to spread. Then in a press there were reports that trump has disagreements with Fauci on the issue of lifting restrictions, but the White house denied them.

Earlier, Fauci said that the world is at the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus. He is convinced that after the lifting of restrictions by the authorities of States, the number of cases will continue to grow. Wrote about it