The Zoff between Dieter Bohlen (68) and Katja Krasavice (26) is apparently coming to a head. According to “Bild” information, the pop titan is said to be “increasingly annoyed” by his jury colleague. Supposedly he even asked RTL several times to kick out Krasavice.

“Dieter wants to avoid being attacked by Katja in the live shows. You can’t cut that out,” the newspaper quoted an employee from DSDS production as saying. The broadcaster allegedly rejected Bohlen’s request and asked for silence instead. This also suggests a statement from RTL, which says: “The DSDS live shows only start in April. There is still enough time to resolve personal disputes.”

The sexism scandal surrounding chief juror Dieter Bohlen has been expanding for weeks. The current DSDS juror and rapper Katja Krasavice had announced an unveiling video in addition to numerous statements. She posted this on TikTok.

“Believe me, Dieter, you found the wrong person in me. I swear to you,” says Katja Krasavice in her video. “I don’t give a shit how much money anyone has. I don’t give a fuck how well known someone is. I don’t care what this person has achieved. I’ve got millions in the bank and I still don’t have the right to act like a f*cking asshole. Dieter, do you actually know how many jurors who sat next to you wrote to me? They said to me: ‘Thank you for not putting up with this. And that at the time they didn’t dare to say in public what you were doing with their psyche. They’re grateful that I’m finally saying something.”

Dieter Bohlen shot Katja several times in public. She now says jokingly: “You think I’m really terrible.” And then shows “how Dieter Bohlen is on it when he finds someone shit.” Although he had claimed not to have her number, he apparently wrote her nice messages . “Why are you lying that you don’t like me? Why are you lying in public?” she asks. “Even if Dieter doesn’t like people, he works with them. The main thing is that he is successful.”

At the end of the video, she warns him. “Yet” don’t attack her properly, “don’t let me start properly”.

The background to the scandal was Bohlen’s sayings, which he threw at DSDS candidate Jill Lange (22) – known from TV formats such as “Are You The One” and “Ex On The Beach”. So he asked her questions like: “What do you want to do later? Do you still want to study when you are 40? Do you want to be a cleaning lady? Do you still want to fuck around at 30?” Finally he asked: “Have you done something normal or just graduated and then let yourself be noodled?” Clearly below the belt – co-juror Katja Krasavice saw it that way and said right away on the show: “Stay the way you are!”

Katja also talks about Jill in her video and shows a private message to prove “who is lying here and who is honest about the whole thing”. Jill thanked Katja after defending her during casting. Some critics have claimed she’s only bothered by the comments now that the show has aired – that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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