The Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic trains with in Hammarby, as he owns a part of.

AC Milan stjerneangriber Zlatan Ibrahimovic holds the mold at the right in the Swedish club Hammarby.

Monday trained Ibrahimovic with at Hammarby for the second time within the past week, and it is a big news in Sweden.

last Thursday, he participated in training for the first time. Here there was talk about a voluntary workout for players who had the desire.

Monday was all Hammarbys førsteholdsspillere gathered for the training.

The former Swedish national team player could among other things be seen side by side with Hammarbys midfielder Jeppe Andersen, who is one of several danes in the club.

Hammarby also have over goalkeeper David Ousted and the stopper Mads Fenger.

In Sweden are not introduced to the same restrictions, as there are in Italy.

Sweden is probably also affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus, but there are less stringent guidelines than in many other countries.

In Milano is closed down for the football clubs training. That is why 38-year-old Ibrahimovic has travelled to Hammarby.

Fodboldturneringerne in Sweden and Italy, as in most of the world suspended.

Last year bought Ibrahimovic into Hammarby and was co-owner of the club.

It created great anger in svenskerens former club Malmö FF. There was among other things, committed the vandalism on a statue of Ibrahimovic, and it was eventually removed.

Ibrahimovic has his contract at Milan this summer, and he don’t know yet where he will play next season.