in Zlatan Ibrahimovic have an understanding of the approach of the Italian authorities in the fight against feline corona virus. “It is a tragedy that the voetbaldivisies be suspended were the same. But we need to get the system to respect and have patience,” says the Swedish star of AC Milan, in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

According to the 38-year-old attacker, there must be a solution to be found for everyone in the society is good. “Health is more important than a game.”

Ibrahimovic is not worried about the other pandemic, which, according to the new post. and thanks to the experts is coming to an end. He is currently busy with tv and a fitness room. “I think it was a good to have in your own home. I don’t go out as often to go outside.”

in an interview with Ibrahimovic, it was in march, has declined after it because of the situation in Italy, it was returned to Sweden.

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