During the filming of a scene from the film “Richard: the Lionheart” actor cut by the dagger light cable under high voltage.

Actress Irina Bezrukov remembered the case on the set of the adventure film “Richard: the Lionheart”, in which Sergey Zhigunov almost died.

According to the artist of theater and cinema, life Zhigunova saved specialist in the world. Zhigunov pranced on horseback, brandishing a dagger, and accidentally stuck it in the ground, cutting the light cable.

“Sergei jumped off the horse and ran rather to get the dagger from the ground, and at that moment there was a scream of svetolika: "don’t touch",” wrote the doctor in Instagram.

Thanks to high-profile prevention specialist Sergei stopped abruptly. According to the actress, the tension in the cable was so high that the chances of survival for Sergey Zhigunov almost was not. The dagger is almost completely melted.

“I had to completely disconnect all wires and then only in rubber gloves to get pokorezhennaya remains of the dagger. Importantly, all remained intact and we lost only one night of shooting, not the person”, – she wrote.

The film “Richard: the Lionheart” loosely based on writer Walter Scott in 1992 under the direction of Evgeny Gerasimov. Sergey Zhigunov played a major role.