Last night the fans of football “Zenit” solemnly greeted their heroes at the airport Pulkovo. In Krasnodar the team Sergey Semak early won another Russian title, beating local club with the score 4:2. The celebration was not such a large scale — epidemiological situation in the city leaves much to be desired. But without congratulating and thanking the players and trainers “Zenith” remained. Especially managed red-white fire-show, hosted by fans.Board with football players and trainers “Zenith” has landed in Pulkovo airport in the dead of night. The square in front of the terminal had already gathered an impressive crowd of fans — more than 2 thousand people. Fans tracked the flight zenitovskogo liner and when he came within the borders of Pulkovo, blinking signal lights, wail and the drums beat, anticipating a meeting with the Pets.Read deletado to say, the Zenit players began to celebrate another championship title — the sixth in the Russian history (was another title in the Soviet era) and second in a row in the dressing room of the Krasnodar stadium. They poured water and champagne, especially getting coach Sergey Semak, who on Sunday evening has led Zenit to a second consecutive title, and in the morning became a grandfather. Eldest daughter Maya (his wife’s daughter Anne from his first marriage) gave birth to a granddaughter. It’s especially funny because usually thank the football player of “Zenith” Yury Zhirkov, who is 36 years old. Zhirkov, by the way, took part in a match with “Krasnodar”, as a second-half substitute.Despite the experience, Anna Semak, the wife of the coach of “Zenit” in the middle of the night, too, arrived at the airport with the entire family, except for daughter Maya, left in the hospital. In an interview, she said that it is insulting to the critical feedback from fans after unsuccessful matches, the more her husband tries to benefit “Zenit” and even a “true professional”. Finally, at 3:30 from the terminal Pulkovo came the heroes of the occasion. They were met with shouts, slogans and drums. Voice about everything: about the Champions, about the “best club”, about a “capital city”, of course, about “Spartacus” that got left behind from “Zenith” in standings on 30 points. Special congratulations went to Sergey Semak, who on this night all the holidays merged into one.The most striking part of the celebration was the fire show, hosted by fans. Checkers burned around the perimeter of the platform, which was covered with fans of “Zenith”, very soon the space above the red square was shrouded in acrid smoke, which was lost, and the players, “Zenith” and its fans. There is a feeling that celebrating the victory of the Moscow “Spartak”. Everyone understands that to cancel the celebration of the title is impossible.Although it still did not work on this scale, toAK in the past. Still night, the pandemic, to the same on Monday at work. So players quickly released. Only the Iranian striker Sardar Azmoun, noted last week in a scandalous society column, worked a little “DJ”. He shouted into the microphone: “Who are the Champions?”, he replied “We are the Champions!”. Last year Zenit learned that won the championship in the air when flying to St. Petersburg from Grozny after a draw with “Ahmad”. They helped Moscow “locomotive”, the loser Tula “Arsenal”. This happened for three rounds before the end of the Russian Premier League. Now Zenit have won four rounds before the end of the championship — a record of RPL. Last season, the main celebration happened at the “Gazprom Arena”, where “Zenith” accepted CSKA. Now celebration, apparently, will be held after the match with “Sochi”, which will take place on July 8 ibid.While it was limited to team meeting at the airport, celebrations of fans in the city, not wearing massive, and home gatherings. Another tower “Lakhta center”, built by “Gazprom” the sponsor “Zenith”, was illuminated at night in blue-white-blue colors in honor of the victory of the team in the championship. And next to her on the shore of the Gulf of Finland was raised a huge flag of “Zenit” on the flagpole, the length of which reaches 150 meters, the highest in Europe.However, the successes in Europe following the peak, which will try to win “Zenit” under the leadership of Sergei Semak. Taking first place in the RPL, blue-is white-blue have won a place in the Champions League.Kirill Legkov, Saint Petersburg