Zelensky was made a laughingstock because of the arrest of FSB agent

the Ukrainian leader has made a long-awaited aviaturne over the Carpathian passes. The office of the President of the Republic led online broadcast of Mukachevo – the second largest (after Uzhhorod) of the city of the Silver of the Earth. In the regional center of Vladimir Zelensky and no luck. As a joke, local journalists, just scrubbed to a Shine the bridges over the river Uzh and disinfecting the street on the way to the alleged movement of the presidential motorcade.

none of the Transcarpathian media coverage of the visit of head of state is not attracted. This, according to journalists, during the years of independence Ukraine has not happened.

the Correspondent of “MK”, watching the introduction of Supreme commander of the APU with the terms of service soldiers of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade, for himself noted the very high quality repair of premises of the military camp.

Some respectable lady, who acted as a guide, in addition to well-supplied Ukrainian speech was remembered and repeated change “anticorrosion masks” at the entrance to another military facility. Zelensky well as its surroundings, there were no “Comedy of disguises”.

In the end, the correspondent “MK” was one of the very few who saw the President walk by the location of the 128th brigade entirely positive.

“This senseless, stupid and useless President’s visit to Transcarpathia, as yesterday, it was not for all history of independence of Ukraine! – admitted in a recent Facebook Deputy head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Yaroslav galas. – I have not once directly participated in the preparation of the visits, so you know what they say”.

Yaroslav V. suggested: Zelensky “just wanted to break from Kiev in the periphery.” Other options state officials have not appeared. New Governor Vladimir Alexandrovich did not provide. A unique region, having a common border from four member States of the EU (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania), will continue to live without proper guidance.

was Particularly struck by Mr. Galas video footage of the inspection of the Supreme commander of the military camp, during which Zelensky alternately showed “the room where they prepare compote”(!), “room for processing eggs” (!!), “big mixer” (!!!) and in all seriousness I described the process of washing dishes. “Here is served on a conveyor belt of dirty dishes, and there is a flush food residues…”.

“Really listen to all this “dregs” – the level President?!” – affected Yaroslav galas.

From the appearance Zelensky in the province was expecting a completely different.

the Current composition of the regional state administration has completely failed the task confrontation coronavirus pandemic in the border region. The region continues to purchase medical equipment at exorbitant prices for the budget. The local press is trumpeting these financial frauds for a third consecutive week, but here Zelensky to the problem does not show even the least interest.

Of the above European countries daily return new compatriots-Ukrainians. Once in Transcarpathia, they are quietly leaving their regions. Despite the fact that their “comrades in misfortune”, arriving or coming by special train to Kyiv immediately sent to forced a 14-day visual observation.

Local officials “walking” Zelensky at the Mukachevo military camp, not a word mentioned about the most important for the economy of Transcarpathia facilities or entire sectors in need of support at the Central level. As the head of state arrives in the region very rare, “not to learn from this visit is the most useful for the region,” says Mr. galas, is a clear indication of management incompetence.

investigative Journalist Vitaly Verb, agreeing in principle with the essence of the brief working visit Zelensky (“familiarization with facilities for processing eggs, the process of flushing food debris and with a big mixer”), told in his Telegram channel about the circumstances that contributed to public ridicule the Leader of the Ukrainian Nation.

it Turns out that the harmony and meaningfulness of presidential trips resulted recent, high-profile detention in Kiev the General-the major of SBU Valery Shaytanov. “MK” has already informed about the alleged experienced security officer “sins”.

Devils, according to the press center of the Ukrainian territorial intelligence, being recruited by the FSB to events on the Kiev Maidan of 2013-2014, passed the officer of the Russian intelligence services with crucial information about the plans of resistance “against the further occupation of Ukraine,” disclosed personal information opersostava SBU sent to the Donbass, and developed a series of high-profile attacks. Shaitanova, in particular, allegedly was given the task to kill ex-Russian citizen Adam Osmayev (“the personal enemy of Ramzan Kadyrov”) and the current head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.


Tut-the process of appointment to the post of Governor of Transcarpathia agreed Zelensky major-General Alexei Petrov, occupying now a post of the head of the SBU office in Kirovohrad region, “he stopped abruptly” .

This high-ranking Ukrainian security officer – none other than a close ally of General Shaytanov. Petrov in 2016, he served as a Deputy in the 6th Department of the Center of special operations of SBU “alpha”.

After Valeria Shaytanov decried throughout the world as “traitor of the Motherland”, the Ukrainian counterintelligence zealously all who served under him in 2013. That is moment of the alleged recruitment.

According to sources, Vitaly Verbs, Alexei Petrov close to Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk, the leaders of the “Opposition platform For life” (Pro-Russian factions of the Verkhovna Rada). The Transcarpathian regional organization opsi and not trying to hide their interest in the speedy appointment of Petrov to the post of Governor.

At the same time surrounded by Zelensky watching close contacts smartly and Medvedchuk with GDP with ill-concealed jealousy. That is Viktor, in case of early departure Zelensky from the highest state post are deemed to be fully supported by the leadership of Russia as the 7th President.

Because of this and lost it yesterday view Alexei Petrov as the new head of the region.

However, it is not excluded that after careful verification of the identity of the applicant for gosdolzhnosti “discrediting connections” Petrova will not detect.