events on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Odessa House of trade unions in this year has been unusually uncrowded. In the country, no trains, no planes fly to get to the Sea Capital can be exclusively private vehicle. Due to the small number of participants in the funeral ceremony of the Ukrainian security forces didn’t even need to announce laminirovanie Kulikovo field: this “trick” in Odessa was done annually, so the metal fence in front of the main entrance to the building was going less public.

on the Eve of the tragic date police officers with dogs walked the Kulikovo field and adjacent streets-alleys many times, in search of explosives. In the former area of the October revolution slowly moved in a large paddy – in the event of “aggressive” crowd.

By mid-afternoon on may 2, they remained empty. Although some skirmishes were recorded. A Ukrainian blogger unceremoniously accompanied the video feed in a social network, an unflattering characteristics to the “wool” and “accomplices of the Russian occupiers”. At some point several ladies simultaneously slapped the blogger blows with improvised means. The fighters were separated ran the cops. Blogger, after hearing several recommendations about “respect for social distance”, went to provoke a reaction in the opposite area of the Kulikovo field.

help MK The fateful day on may 2, 2014 in the center of Odessa and in the building on the Kulikovo field on both sides were killed and 49 people. Forty died from the fire in the trade unions Building of Odessa. If you rely on the official version, eleven people died from the burns of a body and respiratory ways, nine of them from carbon monoxide poisoning, and another fourteen from poisoning by combustion products. “Over the past 6 years, families of victims fight for the justice of the punishment for the death of their loved ones, – is spoken in published on the eve of 2 may 2020 statement of the United Nations. All these 6 years, justice remains elusive…”.

the First of the more or less well-known Ukrainian politicians on the Kulikovo came Eugene Moore – Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 7th and 8th demosion. “True patriots today are those who are not afraid to come to the Kulikovo field – reacted to the social networks of his supporter Anna Akulova. And the real leader is the one who forgot about today’s date arrived. And the reaction of the authorities is zero. So think next time you put a tick in the polling booth”.

no words of sympathy and at least some of the public circulation of the leader of the nation in the morning drew the attention of the lawyer Andriy Portnov. “In February You went with lamps in the memory of participants of mass riots and killings in Kiev Independence, recalled in Telegrams channel known opposition. – To Odessa events You have some different attitude? Maybe You somehow uncomfortable in front Paruby (former head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine auth.), involved in organizing this mass murder? Sounds like You were appointed, then the attorney General and the head of the state Bureau of investigation with the sole purpose to whitewash Andrew Parubiya!..”. Portnow “ride” and ex-President Petro Poroshenko, who, in his opinion, “provide immunity to murderers.”

in Order to “save face” Zelensky, to the place of laying flowers to the victims of Kulikovo field in the afternoon arrived the two existing deputies from the faction of “Servant of the people” Artem Dmitruk and Alexei Leonov. There is already excited patriots.

“Why no flag of the Russian Federation?” “Cheap PR… I hope the points themselves to gain at the expense of separ…”.

Meanwhile, from the loudspeakers mounted on driven activist albert by Kruchinina military jeep made in the USA, suddenly a loud… sounded German speech. In a radio address, of course, was said about the observance of the rules of quarantine. But the brazen radicals chose to “move” the order of the forgotten language of the enemy, driven out of Odessa on 10 April 1944 by the Soviet Army.

Pro-Russian activists, awaiting their turn for passage to the House of the Union, silently “swallowed” this trick “Ukrainian nationalists.” “What could they do, if their the government side? – posted by Lada Andreeva. – Our men will easily resist. But after an hour it is our to be in jail, and these will go next…”.

…At 15.30, when the Kulikovo field was closed for sanitation, allowing to remain only parents who died in the tragedy, official resources finally issued a statement of Vladimir Zelensky.

the President of Ukraine expressed his sincere condolences to the families of “all the dead” and urged “to do everything for the people in Ukraine never killed for the sake of political or ideological “purposes,” and that Ukraine was not a ground of contention, and fraternity, “where is Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Dnepr, Simferopol, peaceful, blooming and United country.”

as a reminder: the city of Simferopol March 16, 2014, according to the results of the Crimea referendum, is part of the Russian Federation.