Zelensky has compared the Donbass Reichstag

So, speaking about the situation in the Donbass, he said that each of the steps to resolve the situation in Donbas is his victory, but “small”, that is, perceives the conflict as a war, where the residents of Donbass – enemies. But he dreams about “the big score”, which is based on meaning, is impossible without military components. “Great result when you return to our site, will be the withdrawal of illegal armed groups. Definitely going to control our border with the Russian Federation, and of course there will be elections,” – said with fervor, a famous TV comedian.

Zelensky pretended that he had forgotten about the obligations of Kiev to the Minsk agreements, which provide step-by-step political settlement of the holding in Ukraine agreed with the representatives of the republics of Donbass, constitutional reform, granting the region a special status. He also made it clear that the Normandy format and the Trilateral contact group in Minsk it is only interested in the exchange of prisoners, which he recorded himself in a political asset.

With all his customary “sincerity and spontaneity Zelensky explained that Kiev intends to return the Donbass to civilian life by use of force, utilizing for this purpose, in his words, “a powerful Ukrainian army.”

“For me the most important thing – the withdrawal of troops, and we (the army) come in. If we go, we’ll get our people to life. Then the border. Then elections,” said Zelensky, and publicly reversing “the formula Steinmeier,” by which he signed on the ninth of December in Paris and which already should be implemented in Ukrainian legislation, according to obligations of Ukrainian side.

In the newly dubbed them “the formula Zelensky”, the first item listed is not the conduct of the election and the taking by force of the unrecognized republics of the Donbass under his wing and then, under the control of “Kyiv governors”, the holding of “democratic voting”.

overall, with regard to the Donbas from the grandson of the hero of the great Patriotic war Zelensky and a famous Russophobe Schuster has arisen a perverse Association with the Reichstag “What is your victory? I don’t mean the flag over the Reichstag, asked Shuster. “Although very desirable,” – smiling, he put a joke in an unfinished question Zelensky.

without a doubt, this is offensive not only to the memory fought with the Nazis Ukrainians, but for any reasonable person, the statement will be heard in the Donbas. There, however, long been no illusions about the intellectual abilities and the true intentions of the current Ukrainian President.