the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has fulfilled the requirement of “Lutsk terrorist” and released the movie with words that the Maxim Compressor required him to pronounce.

Recall that the Compressor demanded that all senior officials, they pleaded for state terrorists. And from the President Zelensky, that he recorded a video and recommend everyone to watch the movie “Earthlings” in 2005.

Zelensky contacted a terrorist and promised that he would fulfill this requirement if Compressor will release some of the hostages. Earlier it was reported that the police escorted three hostages – a child, a pregnant woman and grandmother.

After that, the Network appeared the video, which Vladimir Zelensky says: “the Movie “Earthlings” 2005 view all”. After the arrest of terrorist Zelensky clip from their accounts deleted. But users had to post the video on Youtube.

This is a documentary film by Shaun Monson who made a lot of noise and won several awards. The film shows footage shot with a hidden camera, from pet stores, “Seneca farms”, a shelter for homeless animals, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, places of manufacture and sale of leather and fur, sporting and entertainment events involving animals. The film raises questions of exploitation of human animals.