Zelensky chided trump, but invited to Kiev

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky offers “to begin to change the feeling” that Ukraine is a corrupt country. To not be constantly talking about corruption in Ukraine — “this is groundless,” he said at the 56th Munich security conference.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine has much to be proud of and what we can say, not only corruption that they “will overcome”. This was the Ukrainian President, according to him, he spoke and his American counterpart Donald Trump, previously called Ukraine “a very corrupt country” is the third of the corruption in the world, reports TASS.

Zelensky also said that plans to visit the United States and Ukraine are also always happy to see everyone. “I am ready to invite and invite the President of the trump in Kiev. I’m ready to take faster than he me,” said the Ukrainian President.

According to Zelensky, for him personally “in his mentality, in his personal culture and in his mind” he ended the war in the Ukraine, reports RIA Novosti. Kiev, he promises, will do everything to have the same mentality and Outlook were “all who depend on peace in the Donbass” and the return of the native Ukrainian land.

While meeting with a us congressional delegation led by Senator James Inhofe on the sidelines of the Munich conference Zelensky said: he feels very positive US attitude to Ukraine. US support is very important for Kiev, he said, expressing hope that the increase and expansion of Ukraine provided by the Americans for military assistance.

sure Zelensky: in the five years of his presidency will be able to end the conflict in the Donbass. This, he said, would mean that he was running for President not in vain.

He also suggested to plant troops in the conflict zone in the Donbass in sectors with verification of each sector of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE. About the details of itth his proposal Zelensky promised to tell later.

In Munich Zelensky also said that in October would like to hold local elections on the entire territory of Ukraine. “I would like in the Crimea”, — he added.