Zavorotnyuk broke the silence

Happy birthday Tatiana Navka congratulated not only colleagues, but also representatives of domestic show-business, including Anita Tsoy, Philip Kirkorov, Anna Semenovich, Alika Smekhova and singer Jasmine.

By the way, on the 45-anniversary of the Olympic champion in dances on ice, not forgotten, and Evgeni Plushenko. Husband music producer Yana Rudkovskaya wished the birthday girl good health and happiness. Especially nice skater had to read greeting from the row of honored coach of the USSR. Partner Roman Kostomarov never hid that with great respect and love for Tatiana Tarasova.

“Tanyuha, congratulations! I wish love and health! Love the TAT,” he turned to the former coach skater Alexei Yagudin.

“Thank you, my dear Tatiana,” he thanked the coach and the skater.

It is noteworthy that with the birthday of the Olympic champion IGR-2006 in Turin happy birthday and congratulated Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with her husband Peter Chernyshev. Husband of the actress from the TV series “My fair nanny” Tatiana Navka performs in ice shows. This winter skater presented his new show “the Sleeping beauty. The legend of the two kingdoms.” On the ice with Olympic champion left her five year old daughter Nadya Peskova and 17-year-old Alina Sagitova.

“Today is the birthday of the beauty and the champion, the perfect partner Peter at the ice show Tatiana Navka! Health, prosperity, love, brighter horizons, more ambitious plans and even greater execution of all the ideas and dreams! Thank you for your friendship and support! With love from Anastasia and Peter,” he turned to the skater Zavorotnyuk and her husband.