SRF-exchange presenter Patrizia Laeri (40) not ordered at Zalando. The reason you called in your VIEW column: The chiefs of the dress company do not want women in the business line. In Germany, this is not uncommon. There are 105 listed companies, their Executive management consists only of men. 53 of them have even set explicit target, that is to remain until 2022. Including companies such as Fielmann, Sixt, Rheinmetall and Zalando. The report of the Allbright Foundation.

The Online fashion giants of the business line from the founders, Robert Gentz (36), David Schneider (37), and ruby knight (37). Is completed by a Finance Director and a technical Director. Women? . To stay up to 2022. The Board of Directors: Zalando is a founder-run company, the “very lean Board of Directors structure” have proven to be successful.

The Board of Directors of Zalando, the proportion of women is 22 percent. Only eleven percent of senior management are female. This proportion will expand the online retailer to 2022 is 25 percent. On the level of lower management, it should be as high as 30 percent (16 percent).

“pure sensationalism”

in 2015, had Germany introduced the gender quota in the Board of Directors. 30 percent should be women. We hoped that more women in the Executive seat. The success of the measure so far, however, modest: The proportion of women in the boardrooms of a total of 160 listed companies in Germany is 8.8 percent.

Of such a promotion of women, Guido Schilling (60) holds nothing. “Government quotas are pure sensationalism,” says the Zurich-based Headhunter. “I see it every day, that there is in the middle of the squad long enough capable women who will soon take the top management seat.”

pent-up demand in Switzerland

It need rather a cultural change. “Companies need to recognise the added value that you get thanks to the mixed Teams.” More and more qualified women are willing to make the extra effort, the a squad position. The state must ensure that well-educated mothers to remain in the labour market.

in Switzerland there is a backlog, what is the current shilling Report shows. Every second of the 100 largest companies have no women in senior management. Including: Coop, Elevator manufacturers, Schindler and logistics company Kuehne + Nagel. The female share of these firms is, on average, 9 per cent.